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Zip, zap, Zumba

The Panaji Carnival Committee announced the winners of the Carnival Parade for various categories. The parade was recently held along the Panaji promenade.

In the club/institutional category, the first place was won by Zumba enthusiast Joseph Dias. The float featured two popular Zumba instructors, ZEMTH Abdul and ZEMTH Joseph along with other instructors from Goa. Joseph brought all the Zumba instructors from across Goa under one roof for a special float, where he created a float with an approximate of 50 participants and 25 Zumba instructors. During the parade the Zumba instructors took up various dances and performed along with Zumba enthusiasts as the parade moved along the Panaji promenade. Samba, salsa, meringue, bhangda, Goan folk dances and more were performed by the instructors.

“It’s amazing that we won the first place in this category. Our idea was to promote fitness among our youth of today and I am glad we have managed to do this. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely be there next year too,” said Joseph. The instructors and participants came dressed in colourful Zumba attire to add to

the festivities.

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