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Your career, your choice

The GBSHE Class 12 Results 2018 were recently declared. While some students are still in the celebration mode others have already started planning for their future but there are few who don’t know what they should do next. To make things easier for you and help make a decision NT KURIOCITY speaks to a few career counsellors to know about some unconventional courses/new courses for 12th pass


Career choice is one of the hardest decisions as everyone has many questions in mind pertaining to what to do and what’s the best option for them. In this backdrop, one may seek for career guidance from their parents, friends, teachers or even career counsellors. Every year the number of students appearing for exams is increasing; this year 17,739 students answered their exams. This adds up to the overall competition in the employment sector and there has been little job growth in many industries. Thus it may be crucial to find a career track that promises growth.

Practicing psychologist, Charlane Pereira e Rebello says that music, photography, bakery, plant nurseries, freelancing for local and national dailies, pottery, fashion designing, jewellery designing, event management are some of the unconventional career options open to today’s youth, as opposed to medicine, engineering, law, architecture, etc. She adds: “The former makes the lifestyle of the youth less stressful, more fulfilling and satisfying; being your own boss, having flexibility in work timings, better family life, getting to pick your own clientele holds greater appeal. No politics, work harassment, unending deadlines and projects, competitive and envious colleagues, rigid work timings, higher stress levels and occupational burnout have made other professions less attractive.”

She further says that working from home or running an independent venture is the new trend among youngsters and home-makers. “Although stress levels are skyrocketing in today’s materialistic world and competitive lifestyle, there is plethora of options available if you don’t want to be idle. Salaries are no less in these professions. Sky is the limit if you have the talent and the determination to make it work,” adds Rebello.

The decision making phase is one of the most important stages where you have multiple options or no option but you just have to make a decision and move ahead. School counsellor Aprajita Mandrekar also feels that if you ask any student of class 10 or 12 what they want to become in life or which field or stream they want to opt for, they will end up saying they are confused, not yet planned, it all depends on the percentage they score or anything where their parents will suggest or what their best friends are doing etc. She says: “Career planning should start at the age of 14-15 years (class 8-10) so that students have a basic idea of what they want to do, what are the risks involved and are they sure about the choice they have made.”

Mandrekar says that it is important to remember ‘No ambition is too high, no work is too low’ when choosing a career. Don’t get influenced by your friends or others. Career is something you have to keep doing everyday for the rest of your life. So talk about your interest and abilities; find out the institute or any organisation which offers test or interest inventories that can assess your skills.

Offbeat courses in Statistics are provided by the IITs for which one has get through IIT. Career counsellor and teacher at People’s Higher Secondary School, Panaji Naguesh Sardessai says: “IIT is not just in terms of engineering and technology. Some of our students from Goa are now pursuing now statistics in IIT Chennai.”

MES College of Arts and Commerce, Zuarinagar is the only college in Goa that offers a shipping management course. Earlier this course was only funded by the UGC but now it is on a self-finance mode and is good for those interested in shipping as a career.

Those interested in stock exchange, mutual funds etc can go for Bachelors of Financial Services. It is offered in Goa at undergraduate level in Shree Damodar College of Commerce and Economics, Margao and it is also available after graduation in university level.

There are some new additions to the existing courses too, for example: Goa College of Home Science, Panaji has started a specialisation in Human Resource Development and it is open to boys as well.

Not many know about undergraduate agriculture course at the Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna. At post graduation level there are courses like heritage management offered by Dempo College. And students need a graduation degree for courses like event management, physical education, library science.

For job opportunities, Sardessai says that students can avail for Chief Minister’s Rojgar Yojana once they are 18 years of age. Secondly students should opt for competitive exams like JEE, BITSAT, NEET and others. He says that it is sad that in spite of boasting about having so many colleges that offers a wide range of subjects to chose from, Goan students have very scant idea about competitive exams.


Offbeat or unconventional career


Nowadays parents allow children to take risks and offbeat careers like image consultancy, wildlife photography, game designing and food criticism. Director Alpha Mindz, Manu Anand lists below some offbeat or unconventional career options after class 12. However, some would need a higher up certifications and experience.

Content Creation

There is a growing demand for business writers who specialise in blogs, newsletters, website articles and special reports. While there is no typical education for professionals who specialise in content creation you would need at least a bachelor’s degree, with additional education in areas of specialisation, excellent communication and writing with high creativity and originality. A person needs to be self-motivated and self-disciplined to meet deadlines.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Market research analysts study market conditions, as well as sales and pricing trends of products and services. It allows corporates to monitor, evaluate and analyse customer satisfaction, and develop new ways of improving their product and service offerings. New jobs in this field are projected to grow in the future at a phenomenal rate because of organisations across all industries recognising the need for sound market research and analysis to stay competitive.

Interpreters and Translators

Becoming an interpreter or translator is not easy, usually requires a bachelor’s degree, fluency in English and at least one other language. Additionally, work experience is critical as many employers will only hire interpreters and translators with past work history. There will be an increase in the jobs for interpreters and translators as the world is moving to become a global market with increasingly diverse population and expanding international trade.

Alternative Energy

Oil and Gas are going to stay, but alternative energies such as wind power, hydrogen power, geothermal power, and solar power will create dozens of new careers, from mechanics and plant managers to scientists, engineers, and even sales and marketing professionals, as these energies become more main stream. Those with scientific minds who enjoy research can have a career in alternative energy.


Animation is the best way to unleash your creativity in graphics designing, video game development, website designing, VFX. There many universities offering courses in animation like advanced diploma in Game Art / Ani master Graphic and Web Professional / Animation Foundation course / Animation film-making experts / B Sc Digital Arts and Technology / B Sc Multimedia Production and Technology / B Sc Multimedia / Certificate course in Visual Effects / Digital Animation and Multimedia: (TV, Video, Film and Gaming) / Complete 2D Animation / Diploma in Graphics, Animation and Web Media / Diploma in VFX and Animation / Diploma in Video Editing and VFX and many more.

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