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Dhyan Foundation conducts free yoga classes all over the world and is run by volunteers under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini who is a Himalayan master and authority on the ancient Vedic sciences. He is in Goa to meet his disciples and also to talk on how Vedic mantras and kriyas can contribute to good health and wellness.In conversation with NT BUZZ Yogi Ashwini talks about the benefits of yoga, kriyas and about their mission to protect God’s creations

Yogi Ashwini: Guiding light of Dhyan Foundation


Sheras Fernandes | NT BUZZ

Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organisation committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yoga. The organisation is run solely by volunteers, engaged in helping nature and its creations, without any remuneration for their services. Volunteers belonging from all walks of life are guided on the path of sadhna and service by Yogi Ashwini. Besides conducting sanatan kriya workshops and classes, Dhyan Foundation also teaches the ancient sciences of tantra, spiritual healing, Vedic chants, physical fitness and training, Vedic secrets to anti-ageing and havans for interaction with Gods.

Under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini, Dhyan Foundation is involved in providing support to various sections of society in need of help. Food distribution camps (langars) to feed the hungry, educating street children through Anand Vidyalaya, sponsoring education to blind students are some of the supportive initiatives taken up by Dhyan Foundation. It also helps and creates awareness about animals through ‘feed a dog’, ‘help a monkey’ and ‘save a cow’ initiatives.

In Goa, the Dhyan foundation has two gaushalas, at Quepem and at Balli which aim to provide medical relief and rehabilitation to bleeding, injured and pregnant cows. At these gaushalas cows are provided with food, shelter, medical treatment, surgeries and necessary care. What the foundation also does and is of importance is they sensitise people towards animal’s needs and necessities by spreading awareness. The gaushala began in February 2013 and presently houses over two hundred and fifteen gauvansh (cattle).

Dhyan Foundation also runs free schools, vocational training centres, feeds and rescues animals and runs animal shelters and feeds thousands of underprivileged people daily.

Coordinator, Dhyan Foundation in Goa, Swati Shilker says: “In Dhyan Foundation every individual has potential equivalent to hundred. They do things that will get you amazed, the way young girls talk about spirituality and chant mantras are beautiful.”

Yogi Ashwini who has spent years in silence and has interacted with Himalayan masters says: “I have got most of my knowledge from the Himalayas, otherwise I would have never realised the pain of animals. In the Himalayas your consciousness expands (you can feel what the earth is going through).”

According to him Vedic mantras and kriyas can contribute to good health and wellness. He says that a vedic mantra is a sound that generates energy. Giving examples he says: “Laughing is a mantra, shouting and screaming are also mantras. The Vedas know which part of the body will respond to what sound. On the basis of those certain sounds, mantras have been created known for it has a direct effect on the body.” He says that through yoga, kriyas, asanas, etc, the human body goes through the process of cleansing, for all heavy food (red meat, fried foods, etc.) that are consumed and all negative emotions collected, slowly manifests in the form of a disease or ailment. “Control eating habits and your body will slowly turn from acidic to alkaline.”

Yogi Ashwini once said: “Yog is a sadhna, not a business. It cannot be bought but is given by the guru to the shishya. The purpose of yog is to free you from the clutches of maya, any attempts to tie the subject to commerce (or maya) will cause it to lose its efficacy.” Explaining the same he says that yoga is the final frontier that goes beyond space, which can be accessed only after releasing oneself from all bondages that one is attached to. These could range from food, diet and money to relations, property, etc.

Believing in the cycle of karma he concludes saying: “The law of the cycle of karma exists in every religion. What you do to Mother Nature comes back; synonymous to the phrase ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.”

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