Thursday , 20 February 2020
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WRD Minister seeks ‘inventory’ of water bodies from communidades



The WRD Minister Filipe Neri Rodrigues, on Saturday, called upon the communidades to make a list of water bodies in their areas and get back to the department, so that water resources of the state could be protected and preserved.

Rodrigues also urged the students to send their ideas on water conservation to the department.

Speaking at the day-long seminar  ‘Mission Jal Shakti  2019,’ organised by the Chinchinim panchayat, the WRD Minister said  that “the communidades and its members should take pride in being owners of the assets like water bodies. 

He said, “They say we are Gaonkars,  we are shareholders but don’t be proud of just being Gaonkars and shareholders and instead be the proud owners of the resources,” and called upon the communidades to make a list of all the assets left behind by the ancestors.

He said that a lot of water bodies have been encroached upon or buried,   and the inventory will help identify such water bodies.

He said that there are a lot of water bodies like lakes, but today the department is not finding personnel to work in them, and as such a lot of water bodies are getting neglected.

He said that “spending money on water bodies is not sufficient. There has to be beneficiaries, with people coming forward to avail of water from the developed lakes and ponds, but sadly it is not happening.”

On the Madhei river issue, he said that the state has been fighting with Karnataka over the diversion of water, and added that the state government will not give a drop of water to anyone and will continue to fight for it.

He further said that the state government had taken the battle to Supreme Court, and water dispute tribunal, and now again taken it before the Supreme Court and will continue to defend every drop of Mhadei water.

He said that “only a battle has been won. The state is yet to win the war against the big states to preserve the water assets. The people of Goa are very sensitive, and it is the time to go back to the assets left by the ancestors as the rains have become erratic.”

“Today, whatever rain we get is not a curse but a blessing. We need to take a holistic approach to the management  of water assets. We have water resources but we don’t have people to maintain these water bodies,” he said, and
called upon the children to work towards protection and preservation of the water

Children should participate in maintenance of such water bodies, he added.

The programme was attended by students from schools located in the Velim constituency besides  neighbouring villages, and  by panchayat members of Velim constituency.

The WRD Minister, meanwhile, called upon the schools to submit to the Water Resource Department ideas on water conservation.

“The innovative ideas by the younger generation could be put to use as they are the future of the state and the country,” he added.

Assolna school bagged the first place for their innovative idea for water harvesting while Sarzora and Rosary high schools, Navelim bagged the second and third places respectively.

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