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World Cup 2014 ‘Winners’

It has been unequivocally clear that the Europe and South America still remains a dominant and reckoning force in the game of Association Football. All the teams that have now qualified for the last eight in the currently ongoing World Cup 2014 is either from Europe or South America, except Costa Rica which is considered as a part of Central America falling under football governing body CONCACAF. However, Europe falls under UEFA and South America under CONMEBOL. There would have been even more teams representing the South America in quarter-finals, had their teams not been pitted against each other in the knock-out stage of 16. None of the teams representing Asia (AFC) could progress beyond first round. Teams representing Africa (CAF) were eliminated at the second stage. FIFA has been trying its best to raise the level of standard of these footballing continents in form of promoting football. It is almost undeniable that the Europe and South America has given immense contribution to Association Football higher than any other confederate worth to mention. The players which are recruited to play by the top clubs across the world are mostly from Europe and South America. The World Cup 2014 in Brazil has given the spectators many anxious moments. This could be judged from the statement made by the Brazilian team manager Filipe Scolari after Brazil winning a highly pulsating match against Chile in the pre-quarter finals of last 16. He said that Brazil were lucky to defeat Chile. Mexico on the other hand had in another highly thrilling encounter almost succeeded in eliminating Holland from the World Cup during the first knock-out stage of 16 itself. Though the matches were shown at odd hours due to the difference in timings, it did not deter the sports lovers to watch their favourites in action. FIFA World Cup competition has so far been one of the driving forces behind the youth around the world aspiring to build footballing career. As the tournament draws closer, the football fans will witness more excitement and drama. Historically, no team from other continents so far has succeeded in winning the World Cup held in South America. With the top teams like Holland, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, France, Belgium, Costa Rica, Colombia all having reached the final rounds, the team which would ultimately win the World Cup 2014 is anybody’s guess.

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