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World Cancer Day observed

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Manipal Hospitals, Dona Paula, joined hands with NGO Muskaan to spread awareness on cancer on World Cancer Day.

   Dr Shekhar Salkar, head of the departmemt, Oncology and Dr Gunjan Baijal, consultant radiation oncologist spoke on the importance of staying happy and positive through chemotherapy. Motivating patients to go through the illness with the right mind set, Dr Eugene Rent, consultant oncology surgeon gave a robust talk on the theme, I am and I will.

 Cancer survivors shared their expeeience. Dr Jacob George, Dr Charudutt Sambhaji, Dr Ashwini Kshirsagar, Dr Mahadeva Swamy and Dr Dinesh Bammidi, commemorated cancer survivors and patients.

  Speaking on the occasion Dr Salkar, said, “Incidences of cancer are growing every year by. However due to innovative technologies being used for treatment the rate of survival and cure has also improved. Diagnosis is the key and fortunately if cancer is detected in the first stage the chances of ailment of ailment being cured as  high as 90 – 95 per cent.  Similarly if detected in the second stage the chance are around 80- 85 per cent. However late diagnosis can increase the cost of the treatment with just few months of extension of patient’s life.”

  Sharing his thoughts, Mr Manish Trivedi, director, Manipal Hospitals, said, “ Goa said, “We are happy to collaborate with Muskaan NGO to spread awareness on this deadly disease.  All our treatment facilities are under one roof. The state of the art latest technologies are used to provide world class treatments to patients.”

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