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Of a woman who dared to dream

By Lekshmi, Sangeetha, Sneha, and Anuja
The term ‘responsibility’ is always associated with women. Women in India were generally given the responsibility of household chores and that of bringing up children and were thus confined to the four walls of their house. Their dreams had to be buried within their hearts. Does she not have the right to aspire to fulfil her dreams?
But the present scenario is quite different. Women are breaking the shackles of tradition, venturing into fields that were once male dominated.
Here is a story about Maya Nair who made an attempt and succeeded in creating her own identity.
Maya Nair, born into a middle class family in Allepey, lived a normal life. She was a quite child. She completed her graduation in commerce from the NSS College, Allepey. Neither her parents nor she were aware of her hidden capabilities. She did a beautician course which was her first attempt to stand on her own feet.
Maya got married to Shibu Nair and came to Goa. She came to a place where she was surrounded by unknown people. But later amidst unknown people she created her own identity by setting up Maya Catering. The business was started on a small scale by her husband on May 5, 2001.
Initially it was a struggle for her to manage her personal life and business. It was basically a tiffin service and she was the sole cook. But as time passed her business expanded and even got famous. Along with fame and more profit, she moved from a rented house to her own house. Her financial status improved too.
As the business expanded, Maya’s catering service began to provide a wide range of cuisine and orders were accepted for all occasions. She now had six employees. Maya also contributed to society by providing food for old age homes and orphanages.
Maya also trained as a classical dancer with the encouragement of her husband and went on to perform at various functions.
Today, as she looks back at her life Maya feels that in her journey from nothingness to creating an identity for herself has changed her a lot. She has become independent and is confident. Inspired by her, other women are setting up their own business. Some even approached her for help. She feels that women today have a lot of opportunities and that they only need to fully utilise these.
Maya maintains a regular schedule which helps her manage both her personal and professional life. She doesn’t have an eminent personality as her role model instead her role model was her neighbour Sumam Nair, an independent and confident woman herself.
She believes that women should come out of their shell, break the shackles of tradition and create an identity for themselves. This will help them to be independent and furthermore they will be recognised through their own achievements.
It is not always necessary for an achievements to count it has to be great. Even small deeds can lead us to success. No one can decide the expiry date for women’s dreams. So dream big and try to aspire for your dreams.

(The writers are students of MA, Goa University.)

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