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Goan electronics company, EME Automation founded by Abhijit Tamba is on an expansion mode. The company is strengthening manufacturing with new factory at Kundaim, finds out Shoma Patnaik

Panaji based, EME Automation is on the threshold of growth. Founded by Abhijit Tamba, a Goa Engineering College (GEC) alumnus, the company is an industrial electronics solution provider that caters to the pharmaceutical, mining and marine industry among others.

 Besides specializing in design, the company also manufactures electronic circuit boards something that makes it stand out from other IT companies in the state most of which are into software solutions. 

“Manufacturing is an important part of our business. But we could not build it up until now due to lack of space. Presently we are focusing on the manufacturing side of our operations by setting up our first production facility at Kundaim industrial estate,” says Tamba.

He reveals that, construction of the facility is complete and the machinery just put in place. “The premise space is about 800 sq. mtr and we are readying to shift to the new location in the next two months,” he says.

“We have been doing light volume manufacturing as of now. It is time we scale up. Having our own production facility will enable us to manufacture on larger scale. In electronics you cannot hope to sustain unless you scale up,’ says Tamba, whose bigger aim is to come out with products that find widespread market within India and outside.

“The new premise will help us expand our R&D center. It will enable us to focus on custom electronics and bring value to clients. It will also allow us to employ more people. Presently the team comprises eight employees. We plan to increase the team size to 50 people eventually,” says Tamba.

He adds that, while manufacturing the company will concentrate on end design. “As as an Indian electronics manufacturing company we can never hope compete with China. Our aim will be to focus on design and provide solutions to customers in cost effective and innovative way.” 

Tamba passed his electronics engineering from GEC in 2003. For a year-and-half he worked with NIO, Dona Paula before moving to the US for his masters from Rutgers University. Post masters he worked for about two years with a US firm before returning back to Goa in 2008 and starting his own unit in 2009.

“I decided to become an entrepreneur instead of working in a job. My stint with NIO perhaps led me into becoming an entrepreneur. It helped me immensely because I got to work on a live project. It sparked my interested in robotics,” he said.  According to Tamba, the industrial electronics industry in India is loaded with potential. “There is a lot of gap between what foreign electronic companies bring to the country and what is being developed by Indian companies. The gap offers huge opportunity for indigenous products to come up.”

He says that as a small unit he will not compete with large electronic players like Siemens, Crmptopn Greaves, etc., but will operate in a niche market.

“The sector is huge and there are various areas where large industry does not want to enter. We need to find the niches and applications where we can fit in,” says Tamba.

Presently the office of EME Automation is at Krishna Building, opposite Education Department. The company’s products find application in various industries. Clients include government organizations. Recently we completed a prestigious government project in antenna control system, reveals Tamba. He adds that, plans are afoot to beef up the marketing and get into firmware programming. 

He says that, although the state is trying to project itself as an IT hub the ecosystem for electronic is still underdeveloped. “The government promotion measures are mainly focused in IT software. The hardware ecosystem needs vendors, large manufacturing houses, design and testing facilities. We need OEM manufacturers in Goa who use electronics in their products. Entry of large manufacturers will give business to ancillary units like us,” says Tamba.

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