Wilred Leisure SC shoot out Fr Agnelo Youth SC




Wilred Leisure SC entered the quarterfinals of Rising Cup 2018 football tournament defeating Fr Agnelo Youth SC, Paroda 6-5 via tie-breaker, at Cuncolim grounds on Monday.

Both the teams started on an attacking note as the ball rolled on from one end to the other.

It was the Wilred Leisure SC team that went into the lead in the very 10th minute when striker Nelister Silveira sped down the right flank into the box and on receiving a neat pass from Welson Fernandes finished in great style to beat the Paroda keeper Melvino Lima.

Fr Agnelo Youth SC thereafter stitched some good moves, and within the next five minutes restored parity as medio Manish Oliveira dispatched a free-kick that beat keeper Johnson Bhagat before entering to the far end of the Wilred Leisure nets.

The free-kick was awarded following a foul committed by a Wilfred Leisure defender against Paroda medio striker Sezwin. Manish Oliveira stepped up to take the shot and sent it cracking inside the rival nets.

The match then wore on with both the teams vying for supremacy.

The defence from both the teams stood their ground firm. While the defence of Wilred Leisure was ably marshalled by Navil Fernandes and Cliff Barreto their midfield did a good job through Welson Fernandes and Mackwil Fernandes.

Paroda defence also looked strong with Joy Fernandes and Pascoal Fernandes keeping a hawk’s eye on the movements of the rival strikers, particularly in the second session of play.

Paroda’s midfield comprising Manish Oliveira, Anthony Dias and Joniton Dias performed well but their strike force could have done much better.

Wilred Leisure had few good chances in the second session to finish the game in the normal time, but their strikers were off the mark. Same was the case with Paroda lads as well as they too failed to find the mark from close distance.

As the teams were locked in a deadlock, the tie-breaker system had to be adopted to decide the winners wherein Wilred Leisure proved to be the better shooters as they scored accurately through Mackwil Fernandes, Welson Fernandes, Navile Fernandes, A Estibeiro and Cliva Colaco.

Fr Agnelo Youth SC could find the mark only through Kanchan Kiro, Anthony Dias, Aston Dias and Sezwin Fernandes.

Sezwin Fernandes of Fr Agnelo Youth SC won the man of the match