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Will ensure Goa-centric CZMP is prepared: Cabral

Panaji: Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral on Wednesday said he will ensure that Goa-centric coastal zone management plan (CZMP) is prepared by the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management.

“I have made a representation to the central government and told them that Goa cannot be considered along with other states while preparing the CZMP. I am fighting with the Centre for a Goa-centric plan and will see that it is done,” he said.

Speaking to media at Secretariat, the Minister said that the government will wait maximum till October 14 to receive the coastal zone management plans from village panchayats though the scheduled deadline was October 5.

He informed that till date 25 village panchayats have submitted their plans to the environment department, which have been already forwarded to the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management.

Further, the Minister said that the government will soon notify one month’s time for public hearing on CZMP.

“When I was going for public consultations on draft CZMP, some activists had been protesting against me. But, now the village panchayats are preparing their own CZMP,” he said, adding that, whatever plans that were received by the government have already been sent to the NCSCM.

Cabral said that he has told the Centre that every coastal stretch has to be considered separately.

“Tourism has been there in Goa for many years

and our coasts are very small compared to other states. At the same time we have to protect our khazan lands, eco-sensitive zones etc,” he added.

Cabral also expressed concern over CRZ notification stating that as per that particular legislation all the beach shacks will be wiped out in future if it is implemented.

“I am also fighting to protect these 450 beach shacks and have already made representation to the Centre,” he noted.

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