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“I will come up with a football anthem soon”

Sonu Nigam is one of the finest singers our country has produced. Having started at the age of four when he joined his father, at 41 he is still attracts people at concerts. He was in Goa to support FC Goa as he has a very strong connection with the Dhoot family, thanks to his son Newaan. In a chat with NT BUZZ he spoke about his love for the sport, his upcoming songs and why concerts define a singer

By Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

There’s football running in everyone’s veins at the moment and thanks to the ongoing ISL it has caught the attention not only of football lovers and the aam admi, but has also smitten the who’s who of the country which includes Bollywood celebrities and business people. Singer Sonu Nigam was at the Fatorda stadium with his son Newaan to watch his first ISL match and was in full support of FC Goa.

Love for Football

Sonu remembers how as a young kid he, like all other kids, enjoyed kicking the ball in his colony. “It was a part of my, life just like every other young boy’s life”, he says, sharing that it is his son Newaan’s friendship with Dhoot’s grandson that has brought him to Goa to watch his first ISL match. He tells us how he enjoyed watching football but how he had to choose singing to earn his bread and butter as he had to move to Mumbai.

About FC Goa’s Performance

While he knows FC Goa is at the bottom of the table, Nigam is quite optimistic that this will change, “After all it’s a game”, he says. Then he draws similarity with the Indian Premier League (IPL): “In the first edition of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders won the first match, but unfortunately there were at the bottom and didn’t do well for three years. Then they emerged winners in 2012 and again this year defeating Kings XI Punjab. So you see it’s all a game.” Further he rightly points out that supporters should not lose hope and keep supporting the team while being patient as he sensed the pressure at the stadium with everybody roaring in support of FC Goa.

Crooning For Football

On being asked whether he would lend his voice or come up with his composition for the game, he promptly replies, “It is already in my mind…I will come up with an anthem for football soon in Hinglish, which is a popular song language.”

Love Affair with Goa

“Oh! I love Goa and have very fond memories here”, Sonu says recalling the numerous times he has come to Goa. Though he heard of Goa as a young kid, he recalls coming to Goa in 1994 for his concert, which is when he sensed the pulse of Goans for the first time. He also says, “Goa gave me happy memories when I came down with friends and family in 2006, which is when we got to know that my wife Madhurima was expecting a baby.”

He also loves admiring the beautiful churches in Goa. Additionally he loves the Goan atmosphere filled as it is with warmth and love of the people. “While shooting for my album Mausam with Gul Panag in Goa, the first thing I did, even before we started our shoot,  was to took her to a church”, he says adding that Goa has a soul of its own.

Concerts vs Studio Recording

He very strongly believes that it is concerts which have given him the fame and glory in his illustrious career spanning 23 years. “The stage is a very important part of my existence. You can’t fool and cheat people when on the stage, performing live. It is a true litmus test as compared to recording in the studio.” Commenting on the current technology, which can make anybody a singer, he says, “There are ordinary and good singers in all eras, which keeps the cosmos well balanced.”


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