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Why are you targeting hard-working Indian? Asks “Vasu” from Benaulim

For over six months now, a group of Banavalikar and taxi operators are targeting only one person. Vasu. Calling him a Lamani and an outsider. Goa365 spoke to him exclusively. He says he has been living here for 19 years and surviving with hard work, not through any criminal activity. Then why a poor man is being targeted?

 His full name is Vasappa Malgimani. The 40-year old Vasu has been living in Goa for the last 19 years. He is a voter of Pedda, Benaulim and also carries an Adhar card with Benaulim address. He was issued a driving license in 2003. But taxi operators tried to chase him out when he bought a taxi to operate from Benaulim. And then in the Gram Sabha.  

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