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When the sun goes down…

Fun Cruises Goa has a wide variety of yachts and let’s you experience luxury sailing in Goa. NT BUZZ shares with you the experience of ‘Yacht Searay 330’ ride



Work life tends to get hectic and tiring, and a break is what many seek and long for. Having been caught in the web of routine, the experience at Fun Cruises Goa is just the thing you need to ease away all your worries. I do sound cliché but spending time in the middle of the sea is something one needs to try once in their life.

If you are a resident, regular visitor or coming to Goa for the first time, this is something you need to try at least once. Though Goa offers many cruising and adventure activities, Fun Cruises Goa adds a bit of luxury to your experience. The fleet consists of three yachts – ‘Yacht Searay 330’ which can accommodate up to 10 people; the ‘Luxury Catamaran’ that has a capacity of 25, and the ‘speed boat’ which takes up to 6 people onboard.

I was fortunate to experience the ‘Yacht Searary 330’ which holds an international license and has been specially brought to Goa from America. When I first stepped onto the yacht I was unsure about how the experience would be but as the journey progressed things change. The sound of motor starting brought in excitement and the adrenaline rush.

The best part of the experience was sitting on the yacht’s bow. You can sit back and enjoy the wide sea while the evening sun rays hit your face and waves splash against the yacht, it is bliss. You tend to forget all thoughts while you are busy looking around at the surrounding areas. And although you have seen these places before, they look all the more beautiful from the yacht.

The sights and overall experience is great for couples and even for some ‘me time’. If you are still not convinced, grab a few of your friends and watch the sun go down. It is a moment of transcendence as per my experience. There are different timings to choose from – sun set, night or even mornings.

A long journey with no food is wrong, and so Fun Cruises has a special BBQ setup that offers amazing prawns and pineapple. You can munch while you enjoy the serene waters. Priya Gupta of Fun Cruises says: “It was earlier used for private purposes but we thought of going an extra mile and giving people a new experience in Goa. They need not go to the beach every time they come to Goa, they can explore a new segment all together.”

What makes us different, she says is that it is the only yacht in the luxury segment while other vessels operating tend to give a not so pleasing experience. “They put some chairs and play music whereas we tend to give extra,” she says.

If you want to try something beyond the usual, here is something that will take you an extra mile.

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