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What’s essential and what’s not?

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Essential is described in the English dictionary as something ‘absolutely necessary’ or ‘ extremely important. And hence basic needs like food, clothing and shelter  classified under Maslow’s Hierarchy is what most of the people think is vital for human survival, but many have their own necessities, something they want or they they do that’s extremely crucial to them living their lives normally. 

And , so while this lockdown had brought life to a pause, where ‘essential commodities’ like milk, eggs, veggies, fruits are what people are grappling for, there’s so much more that’s essential to each of us.

“He (name withheld) is getting withdrawal symptoms as he cannot get to smoke. And though his wife should be happy, because this is what she wanted for the last 36 years they are married, she can’t bear to see him turn violent and boisterous. It has affected is bowel movement and he isn’t comfortable,” says a volunteer from a village who has been asked to somehow procure cigarettes for this senior citizen in a village up north.

“I am so used to having a relaxed life at home just doing my work and taking lessons of my children, but now I’ve become the maid, cook, dishwasher, all in one. The last few days have been hectic and I’m dreading what’s going to happen if this lockdown continues,” says a home maker from Miramar.

Who doesn’t get fed up of the same food everyday? Whether it’s fish, curry, rice, or Dal chawal, we need some change, but with this lockdown and no Swiggy and Zomato and less supply of raw materials, people have been having weird cravings and hunger pangs. 

“I’m craving for squids butter garlic and some eclairs from the famous Jila bakery,” says Razia Costa Campos from Panaji. “I am eating pickle like fish, coz it’s not available and I’m going mad sitting at home, my parents aren’t even allowing me to go out for a ride,” says a college student from Margao.

NT BUZZ chalks down the list that people in Goa seem to be craving/dying for. For many it might be a luxury or a want, but those distressed are hoping for the best.

1. Cigarettes, Ghutka,

2. Alcohol, Beer, especially Urrack

3. Gym and Yoga classes

4. Parties and get togethers with friends

5. Fast food (Ross Omlette, sausage bread, bhajji, cutlet pao, mirchi)

6. Fish that’s not exorbitant

7. Domestic help at home

8. Cold cuts, beef, pork, mutton

9. Swiggy and Zomato food delivery

10. Sitting at the Tonto, or local spot

11. Ample pao and poker to stick on

12. Laundry service

13. Beauty service

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