Webinar at Carmel College to commemorate International Day of Yoga

NSS unit, Carmel College for Women organised a webinar on the theme, ‘Yoga Benefits in Times of Pandemic’.

The presentation and demonstration was by member of Ambika Yoga Kutir and professional yoga trainer, Deepak Premanand Sangodkar who spoke on the benefits of yoga particularly in the current stressful times of COVID-19 and demonstrated various asanas to faculty and students who participated in the online session.

On the occasion, students of the college enthusiastically involved their family members too, in the performance of asanas and posted pictures and videos to motivate others to start the practice of Yoga. Keeping in mind this year’s Yoga Day theme ‘Yoga at home and yoga with

family, the NSS volunteers of the college played a role in getting family members introduced to the world of Yoga and informing them of its long term benefits on health and well-being.