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‘We want to give the best service to our customer’

One of the leading jewellery brand’s of India, Chintamanis is steadily increasing its presence in Goa. This year the brand is celebrating its seventh anniversary in state. Here Vaijayanti C Kaigaonkar, director, Chintamanis, talks to Dhanashri Karbotkar on the brand’s future plans. She says that, Goa is the second home for Chintamanis and the market response from Goans is good.

What is latest trend of jewellery that people prefer to buy?

Right now wedding season is going on so more people are buying bridal jewellery. If we look at the trend right now it is light weight diamond jewellery. Gems and other stones are sold throughout the year as customers buy it after consulting astrologers.

How has the high price of gold affected precious jewellery demand?

When the price of gold went up suddenly it affected the sale of gold jewelry. But now since prices are steady the sale is good and we are also seeing increase in purchases by customers. .

What is your market position in Goa?

We have faced slow down in the market during monsoon seasons. Our sale was less during the three to four months of June-August. But after Diwali season our sale is increasing again. Now wedding season is going on and more people are buying gold. And we are witnessing growth in the market.

What are your future plans in Goa?

In Goa we have only one store and we are not planning any more expansion. Altogether we have six stores, of which five are located in Mumbai. With each store we are aiming for customer experience by way of astrologer

service. Further customers can sketch out their design to us and accordingly we craft the jewellery. We want to give the best service to our customer and are  concentrating more on giving personalized service. 

Do you have any schemes for customers to encourage them to buy?

Yes we have several schemes in place for our customer. The Jewel 11 plan is getting good response for the last three years. We also have the systematic purchase plan for people who want to buy jewellery for  a particular occasion like wedding or any other occasion.

As per the plan, in the 12th month from the date of order one can purchase and take delivery of the ornament at the prevailing

gold rate. It is a very attractive plan as customers have to pay 11 installments and one installment will be paid by us. We also provide

EMI facilities to our customer if they buy through Paytm.

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