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We Need Credible India

John Eric Gomes. Porvorim

A central minister for culture specifically says the Bible and Quran are not central to the soul of India but the mythological Gita and Mahabharata are, and that he is working with the education minister to include this in school books. Incredible India shows the PM is in continuous election mode where “Sub Ke Sath, Sub Ka Vikas” is promised. This does not appear to happen. His ministers give presentations to the RSS and slowly but surely it appears that the Nehru Gandhi legacy is sought to be obliterated and replaced with their own prejudices. Their perceived Hindutva agenda is paramount. This will reflect in History, literature, culture, food and drink habits, language etc and what it means to be an Indian! A health minister in Jaipur  reportedly wants to make cows a source of income by using “Gauclean”  containing cow’s urine in the big government SMS hospital in ICU, medical equipment as disinfectant, and if successful will make it mandatory for all other government hospitals. The much needed police and administrative reforms are nowhere in sight! Gang rapes in moving buses and in general are still happening. Swatch Bharat started with much fanfare is in the doldrums from what we see around and reported all over India. There is no “Prevention Better Than Cure” philosophy as can be seen in the handling of the Dengue proliferation in Delhi, deteriorating law and order situation and increasing road and traffic accidents! It is reported that 23 lakhs race for 386 peons posts in UP with class five qualifications required but 255 PhDs  and over 2 lakh graduates apply! A cartoon depicts the meeting of India Inc told by the PM that taking risk is in their DNA. It shows the Industrialist lined up at the exit door of a flying aircraft  told to jump out without a parachute with the PM saying it will be provided to you on the way down!


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