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Be warned about brain stroke

As World Health Organisation (WHO) defines, brain stroke is an event caused by the interruption of blood supply to the brain, usually due to clot in the blood vessels or burst of the blood vessels in the brain.
Brain Stroke is the third most common cause of mortality and first leading cause of disease burden. Around 36.2 percent patients are below 40 years. This in turn further increases the burden of the disease. Brain Stroke leaves the patients with residual disabilities like physical dependency, cognitive decline, depression and seizures.
Brain stroke is treatable and medication within four-and-a-half hours of onset of symptoms reduces the dependency and mortality.
What are the symptoms of brain stroke?
Symptoms of stroke can vary depending on the part of brain affected but in following symptoms are most common. They can be remembered with an acronym of FAST (Face, Arm, Speech and Time).
Apart from above one should also be sensitive for other symptoms like sudden severe headache without a known cause, sudden confusion and difficulty in vision in one or both eyes, sudden numbness (loss of sensations) on arms or legs, sudden dizziness, difficulty in co-ordination and balance.
Act Fast as time lost is brain lost
Brain stroke is treatable. The risk of disability or paralysis can be reduced on proper treatment, but the critical factor is that the patient should reach the hospital immediately. The hospital should have facility for CT/MRI for diagnosis of a brain attack.
Only one drug-recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator (injection) is approved for stroke worldwide and in India. It is useful when given within four-and-a-half hours of the onset of acute stroke symptoms. Giving the drug significantly increases chances of patients’ survival with little or no disability or paralysis. Even within four-and-a-half hours, earlier the treatment, better the outcome. Contact your doctor for more details. Also there are a range of other supportive treatments like physiotherapy, speech therapy and behavioral therapy.
Preventive steps that one should take
Stop: smoking and alcohol
Control: BP, blood sugar, weight, cholesterol and diet
Adopt: regular exercise
Be stroke literate
Spread the message to your friends and families: Don’t wait for stroke symptoms to aggravate. Rush to the nearest hospital with CT scan facility and a round the clock neurologist immediately.
(Issued in public interest by Indian Stroke Association)

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