Only few VPs have shown interest in waste disposal, says CM

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar trying his hand at a beach-cleaning tool during the inauguration of the ‘Clean Goa Beautiful Goa’ campaign at the Miramar beach on Monday. Nandesh Kambli | NT

PANAJI: Kicking off the ‘Clean Goa Beautiful Goa’ campaign for beach cleanliness on Monday, the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that the segregation of garbage is a must for the two agencies which have been awarded the contract.
The government, Parrikar said that would also insist on beach shack owners to go in for the segregation of waste in the forthcoming season.
Beach cleanliness exercise by the tourism department is going to cost Rs 14.5 crore (North Goa Rs 7.5 crore, and South Goa Rs 7.0 crore), he said, adding, however, even if the tourist flow increases by
5 per cent due to the clean beaches, the government would think the costs have been recovered.
Beach cleaning, coupled with initiation of garbage treatment plant would help to increase tourist arrivals, asserted the Chief Minister.
Panchayats, he pointed out are not properly equipped to take on garbage disposal work and do not do segregation for adequate disposal.
“Very few panchayats have shown interest in disposal of waste, and only 50 among them had come forward. Therefore, the government has decided to handle garbage disposal work in the future,” said Parrikar.
Goa’s garbage treatment plant would come up by May 2015, he said. The exercise to clean up Goa’s beaches was started by the tourism department on September 7, however, it was officially launched on Monday.
The Chief Minister said that the two Mumbai-based agencies, which have been awarded the contract, should be given time of at least a month to prove their effectiveness.
The contract is for 5 years, but renewable each year, depending on success in doing the job.
The Miramar beach wore a pristine look as teams of cleaners had arrived early and cleared the place of garbage. The Chief Minister who unveiled the new Goa Tourism signboard found several mistakes in the wording on it.
The sentences prohibiting littering, drugs, pedophilia, etc were too long and should be shortened, he said. He also pointed out several spelling mistakes and asked officials to correct it.
After doing a mock clean-up with brand new equipment (hoe), he said it was too broad and would not be able to clear smaller garbage.
Present at the launch of the campaign was Dilip Parulekar, Minister of Tourism; Nilesh Cabral, chairman of GTDC; Surendra Furtado, CCP Mayor; Nikhil Desai, director of tourism; R K Shrivastava, principle secretary of tourism, and Ameya Abhyankar, managing director of GTDC. Officials from tourism department and GTDC were present on the occasion.
The cleaning work for North Goa beach stretch is awarded to Bhumika Constructions, and South Goa beach stretch to Ram Engineering.
Both the contractors are from Mumbai. The cleaning up exercise is largely going to be manual although mechanised equipment will be used whenever necessary.
Towards cleanliness, the contractors have to provide garbage bins every 100 meters, and carry out daily combing of wet and dry sand, emptying of bins, segregation of degradable and wet waste, and composting.


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