Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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‘Headphones’, a new track by 2jaym and tsumyoki is currently the talk of the town especially among the Gen-Y. NT BUZZ speaks to the two young talents behind the song


A couple of months ago, 2jaym, the name he goes by, happened to post a beat he came up with on Instagram. Among the many people who liked what he came up with was a budding rapper who goes by the name tsumyoki.

Impressed with the small piece, he asked 2jaym to send it to him so he could work on it further. “At that time I had just been watching videos of my best friend who had passed away and there was this line in my head that I wanted to use ‘dead man’s voice in my head’. I decided to use this, recorded the chorus, and sent it across to 2jaym who liked it and we began to work further on it,” says tsumyoki, a student of St Xavier’s

College, Mapusa.

“tsumyoki has a talent in writing and coming up with catchy hooks. When he sent it across, it instantly kept playing in my head again and again and I knew that we had something good in our hands,” says 2jaym, who is also from St Xavier’s College, Mapusa and began doing covers on Instagram back in 2017. He began writing his own music towards the end of 2018 after he learned music production through YouTube.

The duo who have collaborated for the first time, shared their finished version with a couple of friends who found the tune catchy. “We realised that if we wanted to take it forward we had to make a music video, and we wanted it to be different. So we rented a coffin, and the music video was directed and edited by a friend Leon Pereira,” says tsumyoki, who has already come out with close ato 15 songs so far. This is however his second professional music video, the first one being ‘White Tee’, which has garnered around 62K views on YouTube so far. ‘Headphones’ which was released on September 7 has already managed over 22K views on YouTube. It is also doing well on other music platforms like Spotify.

The song has been dedicated to tsumyoki’s late friend Neville Fernandes and to his late grandfather Joe. “The dedication makes me cry now because it has been such a hard year and I am now getting recognised for the work that was inspired by them,” says tsumyoki, who is grateful that the hard work is now paying off.

The youngster who hopes to make it big and represent Goa on the national and international stage someday says that he wants to change the image that outsiders have about Goa. “People usually consider Goa as just a vacation spot. Usually the musicians that make it big are from big cities like Mumbai and Pune, but I want to show that Goa is also in the game,” he says, adding that he is also looking at promoting his fellow artistes in Goa. He believes that while Goa has a lot of talent, he does not see the determination in many to take it to the next level. “Many of them are happy doing just covers. This will fetch you listeners. But there is a huge difference between listeners and fans,” he says.

And while the are still basking in the limelight post the release of this track, the duo already have something new in the works. tsumyoki also has many other songs separately planned. “Things are just getting started,” he says.

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