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VM Salgaocar Hospital educates women on health

VM Salgaocar Hospital conducted an interactive session on health issues  for women from in and around Vasco. This session presented a unique opportunity for women to learn about ailments and precautions from renowned doctors, enabling them to improve their lifestyle and well-being.  Gynecologist Dr. Amita Talauliker, focused her talk on the symptoms, causes and treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome, most commonly known as PCOS which affects nearly 10 per cent of Indian women. She also shared the importance of PAP smear, which a very important test in screening for cervical cancer, the leading form of cancer in Indian women. Dr. Priya Nair, MD, who is available for consultation at VM Salgaocar Hospital, shed light on urinary tract infections (UTI) and menopause.

Participants for the session were women from various field of work. Both the presentations were well received by the audience and were followed by a question and answer session. The event was a part of International Women’s Day celebrations by the hospital..

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