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Visitors to Campal may have to pay for parking

PANAJI : The visitors travelling in their vehicles to directorate of health services, Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, a hotel as well as a restaurant, and Military Hospital, besides other places in the Campal area, will soon have to shell out money for parking their vehicles in this area.

The Commissioner of the Corporation of the City of Panaji, Sanjit Rodrigues on Tuesday said that the pay parking project for the Campal area in the city would be implemented after the councillors of the Corporation gives green signal to the same.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, he said that the notification as regards pay parking in the Campal area has already been issued, as also the tender for inviting contractor to handle pay parking

activity, floated.

“We have floated the tender inviting contractor to handle pay parking in a number of city areas including Campal,” he observed, pointing out, “I am now waiting for a nod from the councillors as they need to give final approval,” he added.

The implementation of the Campal pay parking project will convert the entire Campal heritage zone into a pay parking area, right from the directorate of health services to Francisco Luis Gomes Garden to the Military Hospital.

Almost all the residents of the Campal area have their own parking spaces including garages, due to which the conversion of the area into a pay parking zone will have no effect on them. However, the visitors travelling to the area in their vehicles will have to pay parking fees for two-wheelers at the rate of Rs 4 for first 4 hours, Rs 8 for 4 to 12 hours and Rs 15 for 12 to 24 hours. The four-wheeler owners visiting the area will have to pay parking fees at the rate of Rs 10 for first 4 hours, Rs15 for 4 to 12 hours and Rs 20 for 12 to 24 hours.

The City Mayor, Shubham Chodankar informed this daily that no date can be set for implementing the pay parking project in Campal area, unless and until a contractor is selected and appointed to run the project.

He however said that there is no further need for the councillors to meet, for deciding on the particular project, as it has already been given a go ahead by the council.

A related notification signed by the North Goa Collector, Nila Mohanan authorises the erection of traffic signboards at the places indicated in the notification. These places are locations near Rui House, Dr Lily House, Margot House, Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Tony and Ricardo House, directorate of health services, Ted Mesquita House, Tereza House, Zizinia House, Popley House, Joe Mathias House, Derrick and Wendyll House, Agencia Sequeira, Agnelo Pinto House, Military Hospital, Bossuet House, Hotel Campal, Armando Gonsalves, Peregrine and Assistencia.

The North Goa Collector had also sought a compliance report of the same by July 10.

The CCP Commissioner said that the compliance report pertains to the activities taken up by the Corporation as regards implementing the pay parking project.

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