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Virtual learning is a necessity these days

Due to the pandemic educational institutions have shifted to online classes, which is not easy for several reasons. NT KURIOCITY asked a few students to share their experience coping with online classes

The pandemic has hit education sector the hardest. Hence, we do not have a choice but to adapt to the online study pattern. We are unable to grasp the topics being taught because we are used to the board and books for reference, and focusing on the screen becomes uncomfortable. We also strain our eyes and are now suffering from headaches and low vision. Since the screen is shared by other students it is distracting and difficult for us to concentrate.

Addison Alroy Rodrigues, Navy Children School, Dabolim

The last few months has seen a major shift in the teaching process for most students in Goa and across the world. Coming from an engineering college, online classes just cannot compare to classroom-based learning as most of our subjects require practical sessions and solving doubts which isn’t possible through online classes. Notes sent via e-mail by our teachers mitigated the effect of the sudden shift and helped us study for our online tests, which has been the best option to prevent spread of the on-going pandemic.

Apurva Virgincar, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi

For engineering students it is difficult to understand concepts without practical knowledge. Network coverage is not the same for all students. Some stay in remote areas where most of the time the network connectivity is poor. I face network connectivity issues most of the time and sometimes I miss a afew classes. However, these are difficult times and we should try to adapt to online classes as it is safest option, and continue our journey of acquiring knowledge. I would like to request the government to provide students with better internet connection at a subsidised price.

Yugal Kambli, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

I had my first online class a few days ago and though it was good because my friends and I were online. But still I miss regular classes in school. We would have so much fun in school – gatherings, school activities and so on. PE lecture was my favourite which I miss out on with online classes. I wish everything goes back to normal soon and school reopens.

Ruhika Krishnakumar Pokhare, St Therese’s High School, Vasco

As a grade one student, it is difficult for me at times because of poor connectivity and less time given to complete the writing work. Initially it sounded very interesting but now I find a bit boring as I’ve to sit in front of the laptop for long hours. Also, here I cannot speak and mingle with my classmates. Though a lot of interesting videos are shown and the way of teaching is also so different. On one hand, online classes are good and on the other, it is so not so good.

Heidy Lobo, St Andrew’s ICSE School, Vasco

It’s a different experience all together. There is much more flexibility as you can study where ever you are and it provides an excellent platform to put forth views and ideas. It also helps in developing a more practical approach towards a particular concept. However, at the same time studying online can be pretty stressful and disturbing due to certain factors such as poor internet connectivity, heavy monsoon showers, network problems, power cut, etc, especially in a state like Goa. Conversing online is not the same as spending time in classroom. It fails to offer human interaction. Time management and organisation also becomes much more difficult than in the physical classroom.

Renessa De Souza, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

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