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‘Viraj is a bold artist’

Founder-patron of Sunaparanta, Dattaraj V Salgaocar has been known for bringing the best in art to his fellow Goans. He is ecstatic to host Viraj Naik’s works

Q. What impressed you about Viraj and his works?

I have personally known Viraj for years and have always admired his work and creativity. He is a fantastic print maker, and is equally versatile in water colors, acrylics, and sculptures. His strong Goan roots reflect in his works along with his fascination for animals and mythology.

At Sunaparanta, we have been associated with Viraj over many years and projects, both as an artist and curator. It makes me immensely proud to welcome him back to Sunaparanta post his 15 year hiatus, and present this solo show of his works.

Q. What are some highlights that you would like to share with us?

Viraj is a bold artist. I appreciate his honesty and provocations as he nudges us into noticing what we often tend to ignore. His works allow us to explore not just his practice, but our own minds in how we respond to them. His concerns and how he expresses these are also extremely timely and relevant.

Q. Tell us about the efforts to help promote Goan art and artists through your centre?

Limiting art and its appreciation geographically has never been an approach for me. Having said that, Goa has a long tradition and history of artists that I have always been keen on celebrating and showcasing. Viraj, being of Goan lineage, has a unique perspective, context, experience, and references. These insights permeate into his work and can be appreciated by all. I consider him one of the important names in the Indian contemporary art world.

(The show is open to all)

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