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Victor Hospital unveils diabetes speciality centre

MARGAO: On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, November 14, Victor Hospital (VH), Malbhat, Margao unveiled Goa’s first comprehensive Diabetes Speciality Centre. The centre was inaugurated by Varun Albuquerque, Director, Dr Rajesh Javherani, MD Medicine and Dr Prithi Araujo, MD in the presence of the Hospitals Consultants and Staff. The Centre is the State- of- the- Art comprehensive diabetes hub for diabetes and its complications. Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes and other forms of rare diabetes can be treated at this centre by experienced senior doctors specialized in diabetes management. The centre focuses on patient care in a team approach fashion. Patients are first educated and counselled about the disease and then undergo a thorough evaluation which includes routine and specialised blood investigations. Screening of complications of diabetes is most important and is often forgotten which will be VHs Diabetes centres focus. Common complications relate to damage of organs like eyes, heart, kidneys and the feet. The centre has a dedicated podiatry and orthosis centre which is designed to evaluate patients for diabetes peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease. According to the presence of the above complications, the patients are then given customized foot wear to prevent diabetic foot disease and amputations. NT

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