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Vibrant Goa creates world record for largest Feni drink

Team B&C/ NT

To showcase Feni the state’s heritage drink, the Vibrant Goa team made the largest Feni on Day 2 of the summit. The certification was granted by Golden Book of World Records (GBWR), an exclusive international book of records that gives a platform to people with talent.

    GWBR works through an online portal that gets updated every twenty-four hours with the name of new record achievers. The largest Feni was made at Tito’s night club Baga with blenders and experts from Goa’s hospitality industry chipping in with help.

  A traditional drink, Goan Feni is GI patented and granted heritage status by the state government. Efforts are on to market Feni and put it among the world’s most famous beverages like Tequila. For that to happen the government is trying to standardize the production process and label Feni.

The manufacturing process of Feni in the state is more or less in the traditional way and consumption is mostly by households. However Feni is also gaining popularity among tourists and being exported by few players albeit in small quantities. 

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