Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Vibrant Goa: cashing in on opportunities

Armines Industries launched a new, ready-mix plaster plant in Cacoda industrial estate, reports Team B&C

The Vibrant Goa summit to be held in the state between October 17-19 2019, is already making its impact on Goan industry. Margao based, Armines Industries recently announced that it launched a ready-mix plaster manufacturing plant in the Cacoda industrial estate.

The plant is a direct result of the forthcoming summit, according to Arman Bankley, managing partner, Armines Industries. He  said that, he had  learnt about the demand  for pre-mix plaster in Oman and its technology of mechanised application at construction sites while participating in a recent, Vibrant Goa middle-east road show.

The plant is the first of its kind in the state, added Bankley. “The factory will have the monthly capacity to produce up to 300 tonnes of ready-mix plasters,   jointing mortar, tiles adhesive and masonary mortar,” he said.

All these products are ready to use, eco-friendly, extremely durable and eliminated the traditional method of plastering walls. “A 40 kg bag of ready-mix plaster eliminates the labourious task of procuring and mixing of sand and cement. You need to just add 10 litres of  water into the bag containing the ready mix, sand and cement and you get a balanced mixture to plaster the walls with water proofing and anti-shrinkage German polymers,” explained Bankley.

Ready-mix plaster has extensive use in residential and commercial complexes and other areas of construction and interior designing. It can be directly applied to walls and provides an excellent finish to wall surfaces.

The new factory was inaugurated jointly by Dr Jagat Shah, founder and chairman, Vibrant Markets and Pravas Naik, chairman, Nanu Group last week.

Like several states which have sucessfully hosted Vibrant summits, Goa will soon have a Vibrant summit soon. The summit aims to boost the business of Goan companies by showcasing its strength, collaborating with foreign companies and by providing many more business growth opportunities.

Companies from all over the world and nationwide will be participating in the summit and various B2B and B2G meetings are scheduled to take place with the prospective companies.

The summit is aimed to provide a plethora of engaging panel discussions on similar

business interests by connecting various national and international industries together. Many

speakers from the US will also be presenting business opportunities of USA in this summit.

Virtually all industry associations have lent their support to the Vibrant Goa summit.

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