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Venkaiah exhorts youth to study issues before forming opinions



Advising the youth to “shun negativism”, Vice-President of India Venkaiah Naidu on Monday urged them  to study the issues academically, and even join politics if they desire so, but never form   opinions without making proper assessment.

Delivering an address at the 32nd convocation of the Goa University at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy in Panaji, Naidu said that youngsters should not rely only on newspapers for information but also gather right information using other media before coming to a “hasty” conclusion.

“Read about what is happening, some of you want to join politics…  but study first and then decide where to go, what to do and what not to do…  if it is terrorism, what is its genesis; Article 370… how did it come, how it has gone? Triple talaq: how did it come and how it has gone? Or even the Citizenship (Amendment) Act: what is there in that? Does it affect the Indian citizens or not…? You must academically study it first… we are a free and independent country; one can have his/her own opinion, etc,” Naidu said.

 “I am also happy that in the recent times people are talking about the importance of the Constitution. It indeed is a positive sign and every citizen must follow the Constitution in letter and spirit,” he observed, adding that everyone should follow constitutional methods to achieve his or her goals.

“We should not only be concerned about fundamental rights but also about duties. Rights and responsibilities must go together,” he reckoned.

Stating that there is a need to channelise the energies of the youth in constructive, nation-building activities, the Vice-President said, “My advice to the youth is to shun negativism and not to encourage violence. There is no place for violence in a democracy. Be constructive and not obstructive or disruptive.”

Stating that India has been passing through a “critical phase”, Naidu said that dissent is essence of a democracy. However, nobody can be allowed to speak against the nation.

“Some people are discussing that there should be right to dissent. Who says dissent is not there? Dissent is the essence of a democracy; dissent is okay but not the destruction or the disintegration of a country,” he emphasised, adding that we are not living under a foreign rule.

It is our own rule. Every five years, we get an opportunity to change the government, he said.

On Pakistan, Naidu said that India wants to have peaceful co-existence with all countries including “the troubling neighbour who is heading, abetting, funding and training terror”.

He, however, said that Pakistan must renounce terrorism and should not interfere in the internal affairs of India.

Naidu urged the gathering to campaign for promotion and protection of the mother tongue.

“If the language goes (then) culture goes. I am of the opinion that the primary education must be in the mother tongue… learning English or any other language is good. But first learn your own mother tongue,” Naidu exhorted.

Expressing his happiness on learning that out of the 15 toppers who won the medals 14 are girl students, the Vice-President said that society should push for giving equal rights to women.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor and GU Chancellor Satya Pal Malik said, “Where my brothers have disappeared? Now girls are winning medals in wrestling, weightlifting… they are also being inducted into the Army. You (boys) better tighten your belt and do something good, or else… you don’t even know how to cook.”

GU Vice-Chancellor Varun Sahni acknowledged the support of the state government in meeting the needs of the university.

He said  the required funds are being provided by the government to establish Manohar Parrikar school of law, governance and public policy at the GU,  for which the foundation stone was laid in December last year.

“Apart from the Manohar Parrikar school, the university has also established a school of behavioural studies and a school of Sanskrit and in-depth knowledge system. Thus the Goa University continues maintaining the balance between innovation and tradition,” he said. 

In all, 10,670 students received their degrees who include 8560 undergraduates and 1,894 postgraduates;   130 PG diplomas and 78 PhDs were awarded on the occasions.

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