Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Valpoi municipality building in need of attention



The four-decade old ground-plus-two building of Valpoi municipality is in a dilapidated condition and needs immediate attention.

Except some touch up on the front portion of the building, it has not seen a coat of paint for the last several years. The building appears shabby due to spitting at the entrance of the ground floor while rear portion of the building is in a sorry state.

As per source information, the building was inaugurated in the year 1975. The building saw some renovation of front portion when VMC was shifted into it after the market complex was demolished.  

However, now with some portion of slabs having cracks and with thick growth of bushes and dry grass on the roof, the structure appears to be in an utter state of neglect and thus poses a risk to its occupants.

Also due to wear and tear of the plumbing set up of the building, sewage is leaking out in the backyard with the locals compelled to put up with the unhygienic condition. The roof of the shed constructed by VMC some years ago is also on the verge of collapse and, hence, it poses a risk to the lives of many senior citizens who wait in the shed when they come to collect their DSSY money.

 “The shed is in a dangerous state; beggars and alcoholics take shelter in it at night time. The metal-sheet roof of the shed poses a danger,” stated a local who further stated that the well in the vicinity of the municipal building is full of garbage and it

“Earlier, people used to drink water from this public well but now it is used for dumping waste. VMC should clean the well and restore it,” a woman stated.

According to available information, around 21 tenants including office of PWD and political party also occupy the building. However, it is learnt that the building occupants owe Rs 9 lakh to VMC as rent arrears. Interestingly, PWD has to pay around Rs 2 lakh to VMC. “Renovation is possible if the occupants pay due amount,” said an official.

When contacted VMC chairperson Akhtar Shah, he said that there is no plan of demolishing the building unless a dire need arise. “I have already told engineer to conduct an audit of structural stability of VMC structures which are old including this building and if need arises we will take immediate steps for repair and renovation. Regarding arrears, I will ask my staff to recover dues or take appropriate action against defaulters,” Shah assured.

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