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Utter freedom from life and death


If you just sit here as pure life and simply look at yourself, keeping aside what your mother or your father told you – even you thinking you are a human being, a man or a woman, all this has been taught to you in comparison with something else. If you just sit here as simply pure life, not as somebody’s daughter, wife or husband – if you are willing to keep your identifications down for one moment, you will see that you are just pure energy. It is a clear, distinct experience for every human being, if they are willing. That is all life is.

What impressions you take upon this energy which is right now functioning as an individual form is left to you. You can allow any kind of impressions to happen. You may allow your mother, or a cinema star, or a book to make a deep impression upon you. I am not for judging whether this or that impression is better – some impressions make you effective in the world and some impressions do not make you effective. Some impressions bring you happiness and some impressions bring you unhappiness.

Whatever it is, whether it brings happiness or unhappiness, an impression from outside is a certain kind of limitation that you are putting into yourself. An impression is an imprisonment by itself. You are setting a beautiful prison for yourself. You may be very happy about how wonderfully you have built it but only when you try to reach out, do you see how restricting it is. Maybe you never want to reach out and are very happy. I know a lot of people who are happy just eating dosa, drinking coffee and sitting half asleep; that is their idea of happiness. I am not against it, it is just that no being will ever be satisfied with anything limited. After some time, this dosa becomes a cancer in them. Not necessarily a physical cancer, but it bothers and eats them up – just the comfort of life is eating people up.

Affluent people are suffering much more than poor people because the plain comfort of life is eating them up. If you settle into any limitation, this life will not allow you to be there. It wants to break the limitation and go beyond. If you find a conscious expression to this longing, then we say it is a spiritual process. Everybody has this longing to break the limitations and become free. Whatever way they know, they are trying to become free in that way.

Somebody thinks if he gets ten million dollars he will be free, so he is working towards that. Somebody thinks if he gives away all his money he is going to become free, so he is doing that. Somebody thinks if they create a proper family structure they will become free; somebody else thinks if they go away from that, they will become free. Like this, there are different ideas of freedom but somewhere, either knowingly or unknowingly, everybody is longing to become free from what is binding them. What you want to become free from depends on what is binding you, but fundamentally, everybody wants to become free.

How free would you like to become? If you really address it, you will see that you want to become utterly free. What is utter freedom? If you really want to become free, you must become free from the very process of life and death. You must become free from your own body and from your own mind. Otherwise there is no freedom.

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