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Usgao-Ganjem gram sabha resolves to remove illegal scrapyards

Ponda: The Usgao-Ganjem gram sabha has resolved to remove all illegal scrapyards operating in the village.

The gram sabha has also decided to act on illegal roadside vendors and illegal houses constructed on Comunidade land.

At the beginning of the gram sabha the locals raised the issue of scrapyards operating in the village, wherein the panchayat informed the members that no permission was given to the any scrapyard in the village and all are operating illegally.

Considering the members demand the Panchayat has resolved to take action on all scrapyards operating in the village within 15 days. As per information there are around four scrapyards operating in Usgao – Ganjem village panchayat area.

Further, locals pointed out that there are many roadside vendors operating in the village. The locals quizzed the panchayat as to why no action has been taken on the vendors especially hawkers. After a lot of discussion, the panchayat body resolved to take action on the illegal vendors operating in Usgao Ganjem area.

Locals also raised the issue of houses being constructed on communidade land by migrants and asked for the panchayat’s role in it. Comunidade lands are reserved only for Goans and the panchayat should act to preserve them they said.

The members discussed a mobile tower in Ganjem area ward number 6. Locals have been opposing the tower for the past many months and the panchayat had revoked the NOC given to the tower. But despite the fact, the Panchayat has issued another NOC and the tower has become a hot issue at the gram sabha. After an hour long discussion a resolution was taken not to allow any new mobile tower in the village.

A resolution was taken not to allow any new company or factory in the village until the matter is discussed in the gram sabha.

The gram sabha was chaired by sarpanch Sangeeta Gaonkar in the presence of secretary Prasad Shet. Along with the sarpanch only six panch members out of eleven were present for the gram sabha.

To maintain law and order heavy police force was deployed in the panchayat premises.

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