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Unwind with a shower massage

Installing pressure boosting systems for bathroom showerheads that give a massage like effect is the latest trend in modern residential complexes and villas, writes MICHAEL FISHERTired of a shower that produces a feeble sprinkle instead of a stimulating stinging spray? The answer to this problem, says Fairdeal Enterprises CEO Wilson Rodrigues, is to install a pressure boosting system with a broader showerhead. One also gets to experience a shower massage for free and his/her own convenience.

Such types of pressure boosting systems are now in vogue in new residential complexes and villas, says Rodrigues. The pressure from overhead tanks is not enough for modern plumbing accessories to work efficiently, hence a pressure boosting system is a must. The pressure boosting system generally consists of one or more pumps installed in a booster system with other accessories to increase the water pressure. The cost of the system is around Rs 15,000 – 30,000 depending on capacity of the system required.

Says Rodrigues, “Now most of us look for ways to unwind and relax after a long day at work, but we have different ways of finding relaxation. There are those who go drinking with their friends, or stay home and watch a movie. Others prefer getting a massage either from a professional masseuse or by spending time under a hot jet or a massage shower.”

These types of showers, in fact, are becoming more popular in recent times. This is why manufacturers have begun creating and releasing several variations of showerheads viz rain showers and massage showers into the market, thus giving people more options and making the massage or rain shower a lot less expensive.

Retailers of bathroom accessories estimate that showerheads account for nearly one lakh pieces a year, growing at 8 per cent annually in Goa.  Prior to the year 2000, showerheads typically had a flow rate of 5 ½ gallons per minute. Since then, new shower models with a stronger flow force are entering the market.

“The pressure boosting system models we recommend,” points out Rodrigues, “provides a strong flow, and have adjustable settings for spray patterns ranging from a gentle mist to a forceful massage. It can be switching to pressure boosting system which is designed to increase the pressure in the plumbing lines so as to achieve the desired flow and pressure to the showers.”

For those who prefer the water flowing from the sump directly to their flats instead from the overhead tanks, they will need to install a hydro pneumatic system directly at the sump. One can avoid having an overhead tank altogether which will also enhance aesthetics of the project. Hotels and fancy complexes do not have overhead tanks and hence prefer to install the hydro pneumatic system. The cost of this system ranges from Rs 1 lakh upwards for big complexes.

Installation and maintenance are easy to perform as these are attributed to manufacturing quality and a compact size and dimension makes the hydro pneumatic system fittingly adequate when it comes to using space. Today, equipment and machines are designed to run silently and also consumes less energy.

Reminiscing of the past, Rodrigues says, “I started my career in Kuwait and worked there for four years as an instrument engineer. Those four years were the years of struggle because being new to the locality and without knowing the local language was a tough task. Being an Indian and having to handle staff of other neighbouring nationalities was not easy. I soon returned to my roots and joined Hotel Leela in 1992 and started as a supervisor for the upcoming project of Hotel Leela Venture at Mobor Cavelossim. After a couple of years I reached the post of assistant chief engineer and worked with the hotel for 8 years. I left The Leela for a higher post and better prospects and joined the Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi Mahal as chief engineer. Fairdeal Enterprises was established as an electrical accessories business on December 20, 1989 by my father who had left the gulf after a 30-year long period of service. When he passed away on December 20, 2003, I left my job and took over the business of electrical accessories and diversified into water pumps, taking up the dealership of CRI pumps. We initially started by supply and installation of domestic water pumps and then ventured into water treatment services like water purification systems using pressure sand filters, water softening plants for converting hard water to soft water, carbon filters for removal of odour and small scale sewage treatment plants. These systems are used for big commercial residential complexes, hotels and corporate houses. We also supply and install equipment for swimming pools and other water bodies.”

With quality deteriorating every day, the requirement for water treatment is increasing. Water from other sources like open and bore wells are being increasingly used and requires treatment for usage.

Fairdeal enterprises also supplies all types of pumps and accessories for automation of water transfer pumps, it also deals in pressure boosting systems for domestic use, hydro pneumatic system mainly for hotels and big complexes.

“Service is our forte as I come from a service and hospitality background so it comes to me naturally to provide good service. We have completed small and large projects, the latest being the expansion of Manipal Hospitals and now Ramesh Hotels, now known as Planet Hollywood at Utorda. We have also ventured into the renewable energy sector by introducing the scalable type of solar and wind energy hybrid power system in Goa which can be used to power up homes even at remote areas in the absence of electricity,” says Rodrigues on a concluding note.

The showroom is behind Fatima Convent, Margao.


‘Goa needs to improve customer service in all kinds of work environments’

Why did you opt to start a business in Goa?

After 10 years of working my way up to the top in Chandigarh’s hospitality industry, I was looking for more exposure and challenges in my field. I used to come to Goa for New Years and soon realised that it is not only hub of hospitality but also a beautiful place to live with very genuine people. So I decided to move here. I worked in the hospitality sector initially and then decided to open my own business. It is been four years now that I have been living in Goa and am very happy about my decision.


Your toughest task in setting it up.

My toughest task was doing the research. In Goa, one finds people from all over India and from different cultures. Doing research on their behaviour pattern as in what motivates them, which are things they lack and what are their strengths, was difficult. Understanding the communication gap between managements and lower staff and why owners of hotels and general managers end up working long hours despite having a big work force or why most of the businesses replace staff every season was important. Finding answers and solutions to all these questions was my toughest task.

Have you achieved all your goals? If not what remains to be done?

I have not achieved all goals yet and even if had I would still come up with more as in business one needs to always improve oneself.


Your best business moment.

My best business moments are usually when the staff who I train call me or tell me in person how they have improved or how my training has helped them to be better in their work. Great moments are also when I hear from the management that their staff work efficiency has increased and they continue to follow what I taught them. It is a proud moment for me to know that the management profits have increased and now have a better reputation of giving excellent services.


Most difficult period. How did you overcome it?

My most difficult period was making hotel or shop owners understand the importance of customer service. Convincing enterprise owners to spend money on staff to improve their skills was also tough.


How did you settle down and merge into Goan lifestyle?

It was very difficult for me to adjust initially as I am used to a fast-paced work environment and believed in being a part of the rat race. But gradually after observing the mindset of the people I could relate to my staff. In the process I learnt a great deal from them. In my personal life I did not have to make any adjustment as Goans are kind and genuine. I also learnt from people here that it is not the end of the world in any given situation. It helped me calm down and amazingly find solutions to the same problems.


Customs or festivals that appeal to you.

I think I love all the festivals which happen here. It is absolutely a delight for me to visit the churches in Christmas time or Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated here with lot of passion and fire crackers. I enjoy going to the Carnival, San Joao and other festivals.


State one aspect of Goa which has changed for better or worse.

The garbage problem has got worse and it is not getting much support from the government. Having rules like not to throw or burn garbage on the roads and beaches does not really help if the government has not placed proper bins everywhere. I also feel with not just people living in Goa but also all tourists should pay fine when caught throwing garbage.


What changes would you like to see in the business as well as social environment of Goa?

I feel Goa needs to improve customer service in all kinds of work environments. It is the most popular destination for tourism in India and needs to treat all visitors with same kind of hospitality. As far as the social environment is concerned I feel people from other parts of India or foreigners and people from Goa should try to have a better relationship with each other. There should be more acceptance and respect for each other’s culture and lifestyle.


If not in business what would you have chosen as a profession? Why?

I don’t think I could fit in any other business or work as I absolutely love my work. The satisfaction I get from it is not just financial. To gain recognition from your owner/boss when one has handled work effectively is for me priceless.


Your definition of sussegado?

My definition of sussegado is simple living in a beautiful city.

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