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Understanding the relevance of philosophy today

Directorate of visiting research professors programme, DD Kosambi Chair Professor in interdisciplinary studies, Goa University and department of philosophy, Goa University in collaboration with department of philosophy, Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar, Panaji organised a public lecture. Speaker for the same was professor Dhruv Raina of JNU, New Delhi who spoke on the topic ‘The Relevance of Philosophy Today’.

During his lecture, Raina said we need to question the relevance of philosophy because it is a discipline that deals with basic human curiosity and out of curiosity there is a search for knowledge.  He also stated that the answer to ‘what is philosophy?’ will differ from one scholar to another.

Raina expressed his view on education in India and said: “I cannot think of a literate or educated person who has hatred for other community, culture, nations, etc. Such people should not be entertained at all. It only deals with anti-socialism.”  The lecture was followed by a questionnaire session.

The lecture was attended by 100 students and 20 faculty members from Dhempe College and other institutions.

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