Thursday , 27 February 2020
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A tanker containing aviation turbine fuel seen while entering the Dabolim airport premises from the old terminal building

Turbine fuel tankers pose risk to lives at old Dabolim airport


VASCO: The lives of people working at the old terminal building of Dabolim airport are at risk due to the movement of tankers containing aviation turbine fuel.

As per available information from some of the staff attached to the airlines, the constant movement of tankers loaded with aviation turbine fuel poses danger to the lives of people. It was disclosed that several tankers containing aviation turbine fuel from various petroleum companies make its way to the new terminal building of Dabolim airport in order to provide fuel to airlines which are parked on the apron. These tankers pass from the entrance gate of the old terminal building where several vehicles involving those of yellow black cabs are parked haphazardly.

“Airline staff besides passengers, policemen face a risk to their lives, incase of any accident which may take place at the entrance gate of the old Dabolim airport terminal due to constant movement of tankers, carrying aviation turbine fuel,” added an airline staff. He disclosed that the Airports Authority of India (AAI) should take the matter seriously and restrict parking of vehicles at the entrance gate of the old terminal building of Dabolim airport.

Some yellow black cab operators disclosed that presently Dabolim airport is facing acute shortage of land which could be utilised for parking of vehicles. It was said that there are around 350 yellow black cabs operating at Dabolim airport, but there is no alternate space available for them to park their vehicles.

“We are constantly demanding from AAI authorities to provide land for us for parking of yellow black cabs, but till date our demand has not been fulfilled”, told a yellow black taxi cab operator. He however maintained that there is some vacant space available opposite to the multi level car parking building, but despite several requests the AAI authorities have not provided land citing security reasons.

Meanwhile, when contacted the AAI authorities, disclosed that AAI has requested the state government to provide land which is located towards the Assoi Dongri side and next to the railway track for the purpose of parking vehicles. “Due to shortage of land, the vehicles at Dabolim airport involving yellow black taxis are facing a parking problem”, said an AAI official and further opined that the parking issue could only be resolved once the land located next to the railway track is made available by the state government.

Speaking over the movement of tankers loaded with aviation turbine fuel, AAI authorities disclosed that the access which is available from the old terminal building of Dabolim airport is a safest mode.

“There could be slight traffic congestion due to parking of vehicles, but we cannot change the access of aviation turbine fuel tankers,” added AAI source. He also disclosed that the problem can be solved after land is made available for parking of vehicles.

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