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‘Tujim Mhojim Sopnam’

Donald Colaco, one of the best actors on the Konkani stage, has released his first tiatr, ‘Tujim Mhojim Sopnam’, a tragic tale that is quite overwhelming.

The tiatr tells the tale of Queenie is married to Croydon. He is a seaman and the wife eagerly awaits his homecoming after a few months. The play opens with a telephonic conversation between Queenie and her friend, who reminds her of a college romance. Croydon returns home early for some reason, hears this conversation and begins questioning the wife. She is asked to leave the house and a divorce is the solution. Shubert, Croydon’s elder brother, works in the Gulf, is married to Princey and they have a young son. Unfortunately Princey is having an open affair with Bablu, a no good character who is into all sorts of gambling and vices. He lives with money borrowed from Princey and earned by Shubert. Shubert loves his wife but she does not care, even neglecting the son who is loving and smart, for the sake of the lover. Conflicts happen in the house, plenty of tragedy occurs. Watch the play to know the

final outcome.

The fine script has been performed well by all the actors, on a set by Anthony and lights from Eleton. The costumes are just right and the music is pleasant. Jessica plays Queenie in style, a wonderful role that can pull your heartstrings. Shenaya on the other hand is great as the selfish wife, who does not care. The young Roneber does well as Manju, smart and

very realistic, especially in the pre-interval act. Willie is good as Croydon, the husband who seems

to misunderstand his loving wife and Donald plays the unhappy Schubert, helpless and longing for some relief. Ulhas Tari hits the bullseye as Bablu, great

in every act and very much in style, bringing some humour in the tragic situations. Cajie de Cacora as Queenie’s brother and Benny de Aldona as her father do well. The comedy has Dorothy, Ambe, Sally and Rishton but the laughs are few. Mario and James do

minor roles.

The band is good. Theo and Christo do well on trumpets, Jack as usual, gentle and just right on drums, Constancio packs a punch on the bass and Sharif plays the keyboard. The opening song is rendered in great style by Donald. There are other songs from Peter Colaco, Benny, Michael, Cajie and others. The tiatr is recommended especially for lovers of tragedies.

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