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‘I tried to capture the spirit of Manda Amte’

You were made a part of this movie at last minute. What preparations went into portraying the character of Manda Amte?
It was the director, Samruddhi Porey, who had complete faith in me, and gave to do this role. It was difficult to portray a living legend. Additionally, I didn’t have much material in hand on Manda Amte, as most know about her Prakash Amte and not her. During my research on her I purposely avoided meeting her and instead met people associated with her, like daughters- in-law, grandchildren, etc, and tried to get a feel of her character in this manner. I avoided meeting her because I did not make it obvious to Manda Amte that I was copying her mannerism. Nuances to her character, like her habit of holding her chain between her teeth, that I portrayed were appreciated.

Did you work on your looks?

No. I look quite different. She is fairer and I am a little taller. I wanted to capture her spirit more through my acting than looks and I think I achieved it with the help of my director.


What did you gain from this movie?

I gained faith in humanity. It helped me get in touch with society and look at life beyond bank balances, fixed deposits and ATMs.

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