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Tragedy averted after fuel leak discovered at Cuncolim petrol pump

CUNCOLIM: Alert officials of the Cuncolim municipal council (CMC) on Sunday averted a major disaster in Cuncolim after leakage of petrol was discovered at a petrol pump located in the town.

Chief officer of CMC Shankar Gaonkar had suspected a leak at the petrol pump located opposite the Cuncolim market area after he noticed a film of oil floating on water surface along a nullah located opposite the petrol pump.

As he was suspicious, he asked the petrol pump owner to check his premises for any leak but was told there was no problem at the petrol pump. However, the film of oil continued to appear along the water body.

On Sunday, the chief officer then sought the assistance of the fire department following which an inspection was carried out by fire personnel, junior engineer of CMC and the chief officer himself. During the inspection, a crack was discovered in one of the underground tanks of the petrol pump through which the fuel was leaking.

Speaking to this daily, chief officer Gaonkar said a major disaster has been averted. “It is a good thing we discovered the problem at this time, else the entire municipal area of Cuncolim would have suffered,” he said.

Following the discovery of the crack, the petrol pump owner swung into action and dug the ground to fix the tank. Sale of fuel was stopped as the work was undertaken.

The petrol pump is located opposite the Cuncolim market, which has a water body running alongside it. “That particular area is a prime location, as the market is located there and the nullah also flows alongside it. It was quick thinking on the part of alert officials and with the help of the fire department that we managed to avert a disaster,” said Gaonkar.

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