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Few students walk to their school in the Cujira educational complex as large number of vehicles are stuck in the traffic jam, early Monday morning

Traffic chaos at Bambolim as schools reopen


The commuters, on Monday, suffered traffic disorder on the National Highway 17, near the Cujira educational complex, at Bambolim as a large number of parents travelled in their private vehicles to the complex, to drop their children to schools. The schools reopened on Monday.

Many of the commuters complained about lack of responsibility on the part of the transport department and traffic cell, as no traffic police was posted at the site. They further complained that the Bambolim underpass was also blocked with vehicles.

One of the commuters maintained that the panic-stricken parents were seen driving on the wrong side of the road, in a bid to ensure timely entry of their children in the schools.

Admitting that there was traffic chaos around the Cujira educational complex, the director of education G P Bhat told this daily that he has already informed the traffic cell about the resulted confusion. “They will make required arrangement from tomorrow,” he added. The director of education also stated that there was no traffic jam outside any other school in the state, and no such complaint has been received.

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