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Tilamol United prevail over Cana Benaulim



Tilamol United entered the quarterfinals of 43rd Cana Benaulim Soccer defeating hosts Cana Benaulim Sporting Association 5-4 via tie-breaker, at St John, the Baptist grounds, Benaulim on Monday.

The teams played a 2-2 draw during the regulation time.

It was hosts Cana Benaulim SA who went into the lead in the 40th minute of the second session through a nice goal scored by Osborne Fernandes, whose angular effort gave no chance at all to the Tilamol United goalkeeper Alwyn Faria.

Goaded by the success, Cana Benaulim stepped up the pressure and after some accelerating moves buttressed their lead through Kenneth Fernandes, who drew out the rival keeper before slamming the ball in. Undettered by the early second half setbacks, Tilamol United after resorting to some meticulous moves pulled a goal back through Meloin Carvalho in the 45th minute.

The match then rose to some great heights with the ball rolling from one end to the other.

While Cana Benaulim went into the defensive mode, rivals Tilamol United were in full cry in an offensive and attacking play which paid rich dividends as in the 49th minute Tilamol United levelled the score in the 49th minute when attacking medio Maclon Colaco got past Benaulim keeper Sugitesh Mandrekar.

In the tie-breaker Tilamol United proved to be the better shooters scoring through C Ashley, Felly Menezes and Leo Fernandes.

Cana Benaulim SA could find the mark only through R Rizwan and Kenneth Fernandes.

Tilamol United will next meet Sai Avatar, Anjuna on June 21.

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