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Nim’nea Darvonteachi  Chavi

Zina Dias has written and directed her second tiatr titled ‘Nim’nea Darvonteachi Chavi’.  Produced by Geldo Des the show focuses on the importance of love in the family and the power of the Rosary.

The opening scene has a destitute praying before the Holy Cross. He asks God for forgiveness for his past sins, but is quite unsure of being pardoned. The nun who was also praying at the Cross is curious and tries to help. He then begins to disclose his story… He had a nice family- wife and three daughters. He was a drunkard and was in debt. While the wife worked hard and looked after them, he continued enjoying his life. One day his daughter goes missing. The cops arrest the mother’s brother when she accuses him of the crime. No one cares to check for any evidence. One of the daughters is in love with a businessman’s son and the other joins the convent.  Life goes on, till the tragic end that leads to God’s forgiveness if one repents.

This is a tale of sin and redemption. The script has some good lines, but too many things seem to happen in the first half. There are some good songs and some humour too. The cast has Maria as the woman facing plenty of tragedy. There is lots of wailing and crying! Venecia, Dacia and an impressive little girl are the three daughters. Baptist is the accused brother and Peter de Vasco plays two roles, first of priest and later comes in as the police officer. Anif is the rich businessman, Peter de Pedda, his son and Pascoal is the father without any responsibility does a good drunken act. Reza, Sally, Marcus and Bladwin provide good humour.

Seby Moraes and his troupe back the various songs. Mini Mario renders the opening song and returns later for a solo. There are other good songs by Peter, Reginaldo, Benny, Anil, Cajetan, C D’Silva, Reza, Ben, Dacia and others. Olga Vaz renders a meaningful political solo.


Kaideachem Vo Faideachem

‘Kaideachem Vo Faideachem’, the new tiatr from Cruz Pinto deals with extra marital affairs. He tries to convey a message that such affairs do not last long. There is also a depiction of the problems faced when people fall in love through Facebook.

Donald is married to Melania. Everything seems to be fine with the couple. But Donald has a facebook friend named Alina. He does not disclose that he is married and poor Alina is happily in love with him. Alina and Melania are friends, but none suspect Donald. Prince, Donald’s friend looks innocent but appears to have feelings for Melania. There is also a parallel story of two neighbours who are in love with each other’s wives. But do these affairs last?

Cruz Pinto has brought before the audience these situations that are happening in the world today. Everyone seems to be in some illicit relationship. Dialogues based on scriptures from the Holy Bible, are proclaimed by those trying to cover their sins. There is some good acting, some good songs and funny moments that form part of the show. Melinda as Melania and Melisha as Alina are both cast well! The former is the smart and demanding wife while the latter is the helpless girl who is wooed by two men. Joe is the tough but crooked husband and Franky, appears as a good friend who later surprises the audience. Cruz Pinto is the narrator and makes a few entries on stage. Reza, Venecia, Richard, Brian along with Selvy and Luis B provide plenty of humour, although at times it is convoluted.

Piety and the band provide some lively music. Wilma, the talented young singer renders the opening song, with four youngsters providing the choreography in the background. There are other nice songs from FX Pinto, Rosario de Benaulim, Joe, Fiona, Melinda, Rons and others.  Solos by Peviolla and Nazario Pinto, a duo by the singing sisters Wilma and Peviolla and a trio from Joe-Franky-Rons stand out.

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