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Forever Yours

This is a love story with a tragic end. ‘Forever Yours’ from Milagres de Chandor is a tragic tale of two lovers, one of whom puts her life into great risk to save her love.

Johan is the son of rich parents. His mother Remediana, has an ego problem. Lucas, the father is very simple. Simran is the orphan living with her disabled brother, Cliff. Simran loves Johan. The uptight Remediana will not agree. Johan is firm and has support from his father and Cliff. Johan wants to go to the States. Mabel is supposed to help him. Nisha is another friend. Mabel tells everyone that Johan is like a brother to her, but seduces him when they are in the States. Simran hears of this and decides to go to America. The local agent sends her through Canada, illegally. A visa could not be obtained! She lands up in America in a ferry and is pounced upon by three American police with guns. Now both the lovers are crying for each other, to the tragic end.

Milagres de Chandor has presented another love story that is sad. This time, the tale spans two continents. There are a number of new singers making their debut on the Konkani stage. The special scenes, of a fountain and another of the helicopter look good. Shenaya and Francisco are the two lovers. Both act well, but the crying and wailing in the second half could have been reduced. Joylita is Mabel, aptly cast as the woman with no scruples. Antonette does a fine act of the egoistic Remediana, with glittering clothes and a fancy hairdo. Sunita is cast well as Nisha, the good friend. Pascoal is superb as the witty husband. Creto does well as the disabled brother and Milagres is the agent involved. Xavier makes a stylish cop, in America. The comedy has Humbert, Agnelo, Luis B and a new entrant, Elita. The audience seemed to enjoy the very vulgar comedy.

The band is good. There is Cristo, Angelo (trumpets), Nazareth (saxophone), Jack (great on drums), Presley (bass) and Arif (keyboard). The opening song is rendered by Joylita with Jalishka, who later return for a solo. There are other songs from Francis, Griffen, Ashloyd, Elita, Francisco, Shwetlana, Olenso, Valen and Coliboy. Three kids perform a humorous trio with gusto.



100 Per cent

Menezes Theatre, Chinchinim, have released this gem of a ‘tiatr’, written and directed by Mario Menezes. ‘100 %’ is a top-notch entertainer.

Menezes High School is one of the best educational institutions in that area. Children from various backgrounds study here. There are the rich and poor, nice and naughty and the children of migrants.  The day to day happenings in schools are highlighted and this includes, studies, the panic at the time of exams, loyalty of friends, pranks played on one another and even puppy love. There are teachers who love their students and others who are indifferent and even cruel. There is the peon and the stylish English speaking sweeper, who is more curious about the personal lives of others instead of her work.  Highhanded parents are also present. The drama depicts relations between teachers, student and staff, various emotions, problems and solutions.

This is quite an achievement by one of the best directors of the Konkani stage. Mario Menezes has taken a lot of trouble to train and direct the youngsters, all children of tiatrist. Slick direction, good dialogues and a set of the school, which is designed and utilised very well. Good light effects add to the quality.  Each and every child has performed very well. Ashmith as the headmistress, Mariola and Semica as the teachers, do well. Skyla does a superb cameo of the rich egoistic parent. Princewell as the strict PT sir acts in style, quite heartless at times. Movin is good as the poor student.

Riosha, Rioma, Myron, Joesan, Maythan, Savanah are very impressive and the cute and pretty Alika is superb as the naughty but happy kid, who interferes with the tiffins of others. Joshua, Amanda, Jonas, Ashvin, Mayvon, Sweden, Anyel, Chriselle are the other kids who impress. Fiona does her bit in the comic acts but the maximum humour comes from Swizerl who plays the sweeper and Bladwin as the peon, both at loggerheads with one another. Rosy Alvares does a guest appearance.

Aiden (trumpet) leads the band. Senon, Nazareth, Canon, Manuel and Wilburg provide great music to the fine songs. Rosy Alvares introduces the children in the opening song. There are great solos from Rioma, Princewell, Mathan, Myron, Savanah and others. Various other songs from Mariola, Rioma, Riosha, Mariola, Ashmith, Fiona, Alika, Bladwin are rendered well.  Don’t miss this show. Many nice surprises await the audience. A great ‘tiatr’ that has to be watched by every child along with their parents!


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