Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Tiatr Review – j p pereira


Comedian Agostinho’s successful tiatr ‘Police’ that completed 203 shows returns to entertain us again.  A few changes, extra entertainment and great songs are a few plus points of this fine presentation. The Goa Police were shown the Hindi film ‘Singham’.  This ‘tiatr’ would be more appropriate for them.

The show opens with inspector Rahul Gonsalves arresting Suraj, the local politician’s henchman.  Suraj proudly claims to have committed 24 crimes and is about to celebrate his silver jubilee. He has not been arrested yet. The cop is undaunted.  With Hawaldar Silva as ally, he is out to get the crook, but his senior officer falls prey to corruption and Suraj gets out. The chief minister’s daughter Liza is practicing law. She is in love with the inspector though he is not interested.   He has a sister who has lost her voice in an accident and has to be looked after.  Liza has been scorned and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Watch the rest on stage as this tale of honest and corrupt cops, politicians and strong women unfolds to a stylish climax. A superb script keeps the play moving at a brisk pace.  Add to this fine acting, comedy, light effects, songs and pleasing sets.  There is a projected interaction between Janet and a bollywood star, which is well done.  Jessica is the scorned Liza and Dolla is superb as the dumb Rhea, who later goes ballistic at the injustice witnessed.  Willie Silveira plays the evil Suraj, Joe (Dicarpale) is effective as the corrupt SP and Samuel Carvalho is just great as the chief minister, at times funny while at others, evil and cruel.  Watch these two in the pre-interval act.  Once again Pradip Naik steals the show with another superb act as inspector Gonsalves; a commendable performance as an upright cop.  Agostinho puts up a fine act as hawaldar Silva; funny and poignant at times.  Selvy creates another laugh riot along with Janet, Richard and Filipe Almeida, who add a lot to the comedy. The projections are quite novel.

The band has Nolvert (trumpet), Minguel (saxophone), Jack (drums), James (keyboard) and Casmiro (bass). There are good songs from Lawry Travasso, Saby (Divar), Benny Fernandes, Cielo, Richard, Selvy and others. Highly recommended to all and the Goa Police force.  Even if you have seen it before, watch

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