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Tiatr REVIEW  – J P pereIra


The new tiatr ‘Sopon’ by Pascoal de Chicalim narrates a story of a man who goes abroad to earn money but in bargain ends up destroying his family life.

The story begins with two servants of a household; one is the gardener and the other is the cook. Jane, the lady of the house is busy correcting them for their inefficiency. She is the second wife of Kennedy, who works in London and is earning quite well. Jane however is in love with Avinash, a doctor who is into many illegalities.

Kennedy’s daughter Stacy is a drug addict and his son Chris is an alcoholic. There is no one to love or correct them. The daughter yells at everyone while the son is quiet but always drunk.  One day Kennedy returns. He hopes to give his family a pleasant surprise but ends up irritating all. Jane and Avinash are upset, Stacy yells at him and the son is unable to recognise his father as he is drunk. There is another character who appears eccentric but helps the family with an advice. There is a migrant named Patanjali and his modern daughter Shashikala.  What happens later to Kennedy’s family is to be watched on stage in this tale of infidelity, addicted children and the man who had a dream.

The script has its moments and it is good to see a different tale.  Pascoal has also composed some of the songs and all the ‘cantos’. There is a bit of suspense thrown in and the climax is enacted well. The cast, although new, do a good job. Vanida Correia is great as Jane, the wife who cheats. Good facial expressions and a fine sense of dressing. Maria Afonso as Stacy acts well, but why does she have to scream so much, to make a point?  Succurine does a small role of the first wife. Franco Coelho plays Kennedy. This fine actor is perfect as the husband who loves his family but has lost everything for no fault of his.  Sandy Shankar does well as the evil doctor; Walter Martins plays the son, quite convincing as the drunk and Bento de Vasco is Patanjali, the migrant.  Pascoal as the unknown character who gives a surprise in the end, is impressive.  The two young comedians, Joyel and Milton combine well to create ripples of laughter, with good support from Jalifa and Julius.

The band has two youngsters, Eshban on trumpet and Felina on saxophone.  Magnu plays the drums, Franco on bass and Cio does a fine background on keyboard.  Nazareth renders the opening song and returns later for a solo and two duets with Succurine.  T Briton returns after a long time to render two fine solos.  Sheikh Amir entertains with his mimicry and a solo from Maria Afonso on the ‘blue whale’ stands out. A trio for ‘Goem, Goemkar, Goemkarponn’ deserves special mention. This is a fine show.



After the grand success of ‘Go To Hell’ a tiatr, Milagres de Chandor is back once again with ‘Salaam Tumkam’. This tiatr is for the younger generation, their misbehavior and the final outcome of the ill conceived notions certain youngsters have.

Dores is the man who has done everything for his son.  Unfortunately, his son gets married to a young woman. The couple does not earn, but enjoy on their father’s savings. They have parties with friends, take drugs, drink and enjoy.  The father and mother try to put things right but in vain. One day, the father is thrown out of the house. The mother refuses to join him and stays with the son. The grandson, a smart kid, loves the grandfather. This is the next generation. He disrespects his parents, is into death games like the ‘Blue Whale’ on mobiles and does not seem to be interested in a bright future. One day, as the youngsters party and get drunk on the beach, two of the girls are raped.  Then begins the repentance!  But how?  Watch the play to know.

Milagres de Chandor has something new to tell. The tiatr moves at a brisk pace and the newcomers, once again prove their acting and singing ability.  There is good humour and the band does a fine backing to the songs. The cast has Sunita as the mother in a fine act of the wife who apparently deserts her husband, but she has her reasons.  Valentine is the young wife, quite evil and dominating while Pierson plays the role of husband who is dominated by his wife and son. Tracy, Stacey, Prince and Francis do well as the irresponsible teenagers and Xavier is the other father who is respected by the daughter but ignored by the grandson. Young David, once again steals the show as the over smart grandson. The boy has talent.  Candida with Ashton and Agnelo provide some good humour.  Ashton does well as the teacher and in other characters as well. There is a lot of  to laugh about.

The band has Angelo (trumpet), Alex (saxophone), Welvin (drums), Jesphone (bass) and Muzik Doktorz (keyboard).  Stacey and Pierson have rendered the opening song.  There are various songs from Tracy, Valentine, Xavier, Francis, Princewell and others.  Agnelo-Ashton-Candida have rendered humorous trio which is enjoyable.

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