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Tiatr Review – J P Pereira


The Play: ‘Soccorina’, a non-stop play by Menino de Bandar had completed 215 shows in the year 1984-85. The writer director has revived this hit, entertaining packed audiences with this tale of a murder that actually happened in Goa.

The Story: Valladares is rich, cruel and quite evil.  His older brother, who is abroad, is married to Brizot.  Moses is a Valladares’ tenant, who lives off the fruit of the land.  Moses had found a male child suckling on his cow and had reared the baby as his own along with his daughter Soccorina.  The adopted child is named Jimmy and the family is quite happy.  Valladares and Moses are always at loggerheads, but one day Valladares asks for Soccorina’s hand in marriage. He marries her promising her the world, but something different awaits the young bride.  Something evil is going on between her husband and Brizot.  Watch the rest on stage in this tale of treachery, evil and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

The Cast: The director has continued the non-stop tradition but has included some good songs in between acts.  The songs during the acts are equally nice and the actors do full justice to their roles.  Janice is superb as Soccorina; great acting and just the right emotions.  Angela is sufficiently evil as Brizot and Ofelia, who tries comedy in the first half, and returns as the possessed in the second.  Telles who had played Valladares in the previous run does a great act in this revival.  Well done!  Joe Rose plays Moses and Maxcy is Jimmy.   The two act well.  There is good support from Satyawan Tari and Ronny.  Plenty of comedy comes from Luis Bachchan, who stepped into Humbert’s shoes in this particular show.  There is also Alcino and Pitush to add to the humour.

The Music: Cruz (Sanvordem), Agnelo (trumpet), Francis (drums), Jollan (keyboard) and Rafel (bass) play great music.  The opening has a pleasant duo from Clint and Evaristo. There are other good songs from Ofelia, Evaristo, Saby (Divar), Ashton and others.   A solo by Clint and a duo from Janice-Saby deserve special mention, but the pick is a solo by Menino de Bandar, which was the opening song previously.  Listen to it well to get the hidden meaning.



The Play: Francis Xavier Rebello’s new ‘tiatr’ tiled ‘Dhaan’ is a tragic tale of ungratefulness and treachery with special emphasis on the trade in human organs.

The Story: Powerful landlord Macaristo kills his new born, because it has a deformity, in the presence of Jabra, his henchman.  Jabra had refused to carry out the evil act. The mother, Donna, is pained by the death but is unaware of the crime.  Cut to the next act.  Mathoda, a childless drunk, decides to adopt Dream, a young homeless urchin. His wife Martha is apprehensive, but promises to care for the child, as Mathoda suddenly dies.  Meanwhile, Macario and his wife get a daughter and name her Riva. Dream and Riva fall in love while studying medicine and soon discard the poor Martha.  Macaristo builds a hospital to be run by the young couple and Jabra offers to kidnap children from his village in Karnataka and sell their organs to the highest bidder.  But to what end?

The writer tries to highlight the ungratefulness and malpractices in medicine, which end in tragedies.  However, the characters seem to have dual personalities.  If they are evil in one act, they are kind in another.  And the violence displayed against a mother by the adopted son could have been avoided.  Kindly stop the smoking too!

The Cast: The cast has Martha playing the adopted mother; fine performance and dialogue delivery.  Sharon plays Donna and Sonali is Riva.  Andrew plays the evil Macaristo in style and Manu makes a fine Jabra with a ‘beedi’ in his mouth.  Issac plays the younger Dream and later Jowel playes the role.  Franky excels as the drunken Mathoda in a fine short role. Dasel, Selvia and Francis provide some humour with good support from Seby (Dramapur) as the parish priest.

The Music: Dominic (Arambol), James (trumpet), Elffio (keyboard), Lony (bass), Marshall (violin) and Xavier (drums) provide the music.  Sharon renders the opening song.  There are other songs by Anita, Antonette (Maina), Reginald (Panchwadi), Martha, Jowel, Tony (Ribandar), Seby (Divar) and a fine solo each from Hillary and Seby (Dramapur).

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