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This is where the chapter ends

By Naina Jha

The phase of my life where protection, comfort and love were all taken for granted is over. Stepping into the big wide world is just a few days away as I begin my college life in an alien city with no clue about what lies ahead. 

Growing up as a child I always wondered what it would be like to leave home and live alone. At that tender age, it felt as if it would be a great adventure, with no parents bothering me at all times and not many questions being asked I would be a free bird and do as I please. But now that I have grown, I realise that leaving home is not easy, leaving your best friends behind is not easy. 

The biggest end to a chapter in life is when our school ends. No matter how many friends we make in college and beyond, it is the memories of our school life that brings a smile to our face. Being a complete bookworm in my school days I never gave much thought to friendship. I had friends but never really understood their true worth. I was always too focused on studies and never realised that I was losing a great deal of time which could be spent making friends and caring and loving for the ones I already had. 

I don’t blame my studies for this, but I do blame my imbalance of thoughts and my single-channel mind. Later, after standard 10, when most of my best friends left, I was all alone and hence slumped into the depths of chasing ‘targets’ in the form of marks. I never even tried to stay in touch with friends who had left! But today, as I look back at who I was and who I have turned out to be, I realise that it was only my friends who helped me open up and enjoy the better things in life. 

It would have been really hard for them to make me change and to give me a new perspective, but I admire them for not giving up. Thankfully, I am back in touch with all my friends today and am surprised to know that they are happy to get back with me given the cold-shoulder I gave them quite often. Strangely, when they left, I didn’t feel a thing, and now that my time has come to say good-bye, I feel great pain and wish I could just have a little more time with them. What my friends have done for me is truly commendable. So, for all you folks out there, never forget the value of true friends, because when it is your time to leave and you’ve realised that you were too hard on them or took their love for granted, it is too late and you have to move on. Leaving home and my friends behind has brought a closure to my school life and has brought upon a new beginning with all these friends and their warmth buried deep inside my heart. 

(Kendriya Vidyalaya, INS Mandovi)

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