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Thinking about that lady in my life

By Vaibhavi Sinai Khandeparkar

Early morning with a cup of coffee in my hand,
In my gallery Istand.

Thinking about that lady in my life,
Whom I have seen as a dedicated wife.

Her happy-go-lucky attitude has left me spellbound,
As she never left her work undone.
It takes a lot of courage to wake up like her as a strong person,
As she notices every child’s worry with deep concern.

For so many years now that I have seen her,
She has always been evergreen.

Confidently as she stands,
Draped in saree and purse in hand.

Caring and loving she has always been,
To see her children blossom beautifully she was always keen.

Her smile has always been a wonder to see,
Because her face never showed traces of her thoughts.

No doubt she has a strong will,
Every situation she challenged with polished skill.

Now as she has passed her fifties,
I would like to wish her a happy retired life of sixty!

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