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With a strong background in theatre, Azhar Khan is now all set to plunge into the Bollywood industry. The Ranchi-born model who was recently chilling in Goa, shares more with NT BUZZ

Things just got reel

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ

Q. What Bollywood films are you working on?

Currently the focus is on ‘Season’s Greetings’. We are all awaiting the release eagerly. This film which also stars Celina Jaitley is directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee and it is a tribute to Rituparno Ghosh. We hope that the audience loves our work as the entire team has put in a lot of effort in the film. Other interesting projects are in the pipeline, and I would love to speak about them once there’s something substantial to speak about.

Q. What’s the craze with models wanting to get into Bollywood?

Both the industries are almost the same. They require you to be persistent and passionate about your work. Modelling has a shorter lifespan, whereas acting has a comparatively larger life span. People from the modelling industry have an edge as they have the advantage of good looks and a good body and hence it makes it somewhat easier for them to get a break in films.

Q. What are the general struggles of a male model?

The hardships are very similar for both male and female models as there’s a huge competition now. Casting couch problems are for both sexes as there is a competitive struggle to survive in the industry. Male models are also subjected to sexual harassment, but they rarely report it. Just like their female counterparts, they too are always under immense pressure to have the right kind of body! With the advent of social media people nowadays are more aware of the struggles people in the show business go through. A certain amount of transparency has developed now because of the media, things were different back then.

Q. Tell us about your hobbies.

Fitness is my hobby and my sole mantra to a healthy life. I believe fitness is the core of a good well-being and the only strategy to mental and physical success. Having a fitness regime may sound painstaking but dedicating a few hours for your health works wonders. It helps you stay active and fresh throughout the day.

Good diet, a little exercise and yoga can bring a lot of positivity in life. Exercise has helped me become a better person and I recommend it to everyone.

Q. Why does everyone from the film and modelling industry head to Goa for a holiday?

It’s the Miami of India and you don’t need a passport (laughs). Jokes apart, the sea to me is all about peace and serenity. It helps calm my mind and soothe all my senses. Whenever I feel low I go near water and it takes away all my worries. There is a different kind of magic that Mother Nature has. We can’t deny the fact that nothing is more beautiful than nature itself.

Q. What is your life mantra?

Whatever you do, do it with passion and commit yourself entirely to your goals. Most importantly always listen to your gut instinct. No matter what happens in life, never give up on your aspirations. There are going to be times when you would want to give up on your dreams but that is exactly when you should not lose hope and stay firm. Taking a break when things get difficult is always advisable rather than completely giving up. Above all, always love yourself and stay grounded.


  This is Ram Kamal’s second directorial venture after ‘Cakewalk’.

  Produced by Aritra Das and Shailendra Kumar under the banner of Assorted Motion Pictures and SS1 Entertainments the film is a tribute to legendary filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh.

  The film sees Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley making her comeback post marriage and motherhood.

  The film deals with a mother-daughter relationship, while Celina plays the role of daughter, veteran actor Lillette Dubey plays the role of her mother.

  The film also marks the debut of Bollywood’s first transgender actor Shree Ghatak who is said to play a pivotal role.

  The film is said to revolve around Section 377 and it also deals with the #MeToo movement.

  The film is said to be India’s first ever feature to collaborate with United Nations Free and Equal.

  The film has music by Shailendra Sayanti and the songs are by Jaan Kumar Sanu and Sayani Palit.

  The film has two songs in the Maithili language composed by Rabindranath Tagore and has been shot in beautiful locations in Kolkata by cinematographer Pravatendu Mondal.

  The film has been acquired by Zee5 and is expected to premiere in November.

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