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‘There won’t be any more changes in Goa’s politics’



Coming out in support of their leadership and the government led by the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, Salcete’s BJP MLAs Filipe Nery Rodrigues and Clafacio Dias cleared their stand stating that Goa cannot be treated as a laboratory for testing political aspirations.

Speaking at a press conference in Margao, on Saturday, Rodrigues and Dias said that they have a full confidence in the Pramod Sawant-led government.

“There were rumours that what happened in Maharashtra would affect Goa too, but this is a number game and then rumours of around 18 moving from BJP to Congress started. We thought we needed to clarify rather than keeping quiet. We had taken a collective decision of joining BJP under a new leadership. We have full confidence that he (Sawant) will deliver as expected. There won’t be any more changes in Goa’s politics,” said Rodrigues.

“There is no chance for an alternative government when we are together. Goa cannot be a political testing laboratory for the people who are ambitious for forming government. They can’t test their methods, miracles and dreams here. We have our own self-respect, we are intelligent and there is no way to destabilise this government,” he said adding that Nuvem MLA Wilfred D’Sa was to also address the press conference but he got stuck in a traffic jam.

Dias, who voiced similar views, said that development work that was hampered before he joined BJP is finally on the track.

 “In Salcete, we are only three MLAs who merged with the BJP. We have a full faith in CM whose leadership we fully support. We are sure that he will complete the remaining term. Just because they (Goa Forward) were dropped from the government the BJP became bad? Are they looking to join hands with MGP and merge Goa with Maharashtra? This will never happen. We merged with BJP for development work and it is happening as promised,” he said.

He added that the CM has fulfilled his promise of granting Rs 3 crore to his constituency to take up work of hot-mix carpeting.

Dias also said that with 27 MLAs and three Independents there is no way the government would

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