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‘There were not many hurdles in terms of setup’

A company with pan-India presence AFH Wellness is into designing of spas and other wellness spaces. The company is into supply of technology and accessories for spas and works closely with architects and technical experts. Goa’s tourism profile and emerging market for spas is what made AFH Wellness foray into the state, says Zarir Nariman

Q: What made you start a business in Goa?

I am in the spa technology field for the last 15 years and in Goa for three years now. As a wellness company we strive to develop concepts that merge the elements of nature and human senses. Goa as a natural habitat has always been inclined towards lifestyle and luxury quotient. It was that idea of creating wellness spaces one with the natural habitat that led us to Goa.

Q: Was it easy starting an enterprise here and what were the difficulties you encountered?

There were not many hurdles in terms of setup. The local business community is quite inviting. The major issues faced were that we did not knew a lot of local businesses and how they were run, so the idea was to get to know them better. This lead us to be a part of certain business communities who were very forthcoming with their support which in turn created a data flow and helped us develop as organized structure for the Goa market.

Q: Have you achieved the long term goals for your organization?

Our long term goal is to make a structured and sustainable business module in a price sensitive industry. Given that, we are a recent entrant into the Goan business arena and we are very confident of realizing our short term goals in the near future and are of a strong belief that our long term goals will also manifest.

Q: What are the business prospects for your particular industry in Goa? 

With the kind of fast paced lives we lead today, it has become imperative to become more and more people aware of holistic wellness and its relevance to a natural way of life. At AFH Wellness we like to develop new ideas in the wellness sector not only because it is fun but also because it offers opportunities for our businesses to make a difference in peoples life.

Q: Would you advise Goan youngsters to go into business and what are your tips for them to be a success in business? 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.As a businessman you are never restricted with ideas whichwill not only create employment but also bring out some great new ventures. The only tip that I would like to give is that success is impossible without failure, just be keenly aware of what new opportunities arise because of it.

Q: How would you rate Goa as a place for doing business? 

Each market has its own challenges. A market like Goa is a developing market in terms of infrastructure and tourism which makes it easier for entrepreneurs with start ups to enter such a market.

Q: State one aspect of Goa which has changed for better or worse over the years? 

The socio-economic development of Goa has been rather fast as compared to many other regions of India. Small scale industries are growing rapid over a relatively short period of time. This is very good from the socio economic aspect but at the same time there is an environmental downfall. Our ideology is to create a balance between the both.

Q: Is enough being done to foster entrepreneurship in Goa? 

Contrary to the perception that Goa is not business friendly there are several organizations that aid budding entrepreneurs with systems and understanding as to how the Goan market operates

Q: What are your favorite festivals in Goa?

Goa has a rich history and culture. The colors and energy that is depicted in each and every festival it has makes it difficult to pick a favorite. But having been through the Carnival with all its zest I would call it one of my favorites.

Q: If not in business what would you have been? 

If not a businessman then I would like to be the first man to be employed on the moon.


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