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A short film ‘Magir Kitem?’ the first production by Mystic Films Goa, is set to be released on Friday, July 3, and conveys a powerful message. NT BUZZ details

Then what? …Give it a thought!


The first production of team Mystic Films Goa, a short film of about seven minutes, titled ‘Magir Kitem’ will release online on Friday, July 3. Targeted specially at the younger generation, the film creates awareness that committing suicide is no solution to any problem.

“In life, there will definitely be problems, sometimes one will fail, sometimes one may not get the support that one wants, people will be mean. Suicide is not the solution to any problem in life; there are a lot of ways to get over life’s difficult situations and one should not take such steps without trying again one more time,” says director and writer of the film, Gopal Nagvenkar, adding that this being their first release, they wanted to make a film that was powerful – both in content and in form.

The film, though short, is a uniquely made one, and highlights what happens after the suicide.

“The struggles faced by the family and friends, how near and dear ones feel a void that doesn’t heal and has a ripple effect, is depicted in the story of ‘Magir Kitem’ which revolves around the life of a young boy who has failed in more than one aspects of his life,” explains editor Jesper Fernandes.

The young boy in the film tries hard, but with no much luck, and decides that ending his life is the solution. But then he begins to think of ‘then what’… and begins to ponder on different scenarios that could happen if he ended his life

“Here his thoughts make him debate with himself and thus he questions his decisions to reason out,” says Nagvenkar.

The entire short film has been shot by Marshall Fernandes, at different locations in Siolim. The script has been narrated and edited by Jesper Fernandes, while the master edit was worked on by Marshall.

Marshall who believes that one should learn to count their blessings and not their troubles, tells us that their group has done what it could to reach out to as many people as


“We want the message to reach the depths of society that still does not comprehend the true meaning of life and the importance of their loved ones around them,” he emphasises.

And the film has been made on zero budget, says Nagvenkar, while expressing gratitude to his team for the efforts put in.

“I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this on my own without the interest, the support and the co-ordination of all my team members who believed in me and themselves,” he says, adding that more inspiring films for the good of society will be made by his team Mystic Films Goa.

The nine dynamic crew members

Gopal Nagvenkar, 21

Currently pursuing BSc at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa. His ambition is to become a successful actor and make his parents, loved ones, and Goa proud.

Marshal Fernandes, 22

Works as a digital lab co-ordinator at Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Panaji with an ambition to excel in field of IT and put his photography and videography skills to the best use to make a difference in the society.

Jesper Fernandes, 28

Works as an educationist, teaching Konkani and History at Little Flower of Jesus High School, Calangute. With a strong desire to bring about changes in the present education system, he is working towards earning a PhD in Konkani.

Crescida Fernandes, 22

A student of MCom at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa. With a strong backing in accounts, her aim is to keep those in her family happy and do the best she can.

Pearl Fernandes, 20

Currently pursuing his BCom at

St Xavier’s College, Mapusa, she wants to build a career in the field of accounting and finance.

Anslem D’Souza, 21

Pursuing his undergraduate degree in BBA Travel & Tourism at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa, he hopes that his career will take off with an airline company.

 Lynn Fernandes, 21

A computer application student at St Xavier’s College, Mapusa. With an ambition to do good and be helpful, staying updated and learning new things in the IT field is what interests Lynn.

Sheldon Furtado, 22

Currently pursuing his MSc at Goa University, he hopes to learn and work in the field of Python programming.

Vimal Karekar, 34

Residing in Karaswada and currently teaching Konkani at Our Lady of Rosary Higher Secondary School, Dona Paula, she wants to write her own plays and start producing theatricals written by her. She also wants to learn Bharatanatyam and someday hopes to host an exhibition of her paintings.

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